Shenxin Qigong Stockholm [2014-03-22]

Shenxin qigong is a dynamic method. It trains the body quite much. The method makes your qi go deep and the exercise can relax your body fast.

Comments from the course:

Great course

"It was a great course and it was nice to be here together with my daughter."

Good Feeling

"I have become much better in my knees. It feels good to practise, I can feel how things are happening in my body."

Back Pain

"I'm not worried to get pain in my back again when I have shenxin qigong. I quite my last job because of the back pain. There's some heavy lifting in my current job to but I can handle it."


"I practise hold qi up every day. I had tinnitus related to stiff shoulders. Qigong has helped me with that. I can feel how shenxin qigong goes deeper. The results are different. Thanks for a great course."


A friend recommended me to participate on this course. I have practised many different things and I can feel there is a depth in qigong. I liked the teachers pedagogical structure, very careful. I didn't think there were any forced demands being put on me."


"I have practiced for 5 years. In the beginning I had constant pain in my shoulders and neck. Now I am pain free."


"I have been practicing since 2005. I have had fantastic results. My atopic eczema disappeared after just 1,5 years. I've had the eczema since I was 20. Thanks for the course. Thanks for good corrections."

Reason to Practise

"I did not start practicing because of health problems, but instead because I found qigong interesting. I keep finding it more and more interesting."


Teacher: Johannes Nordgaard