Hold Qi Up Hangö [2014-03-22]

Zhineng Qigong courses have been organised In Hangö for over 10 years. The courses often attract participants from far away, specially when the beautiful marine town is at its most attractive. In the week-end class in Hold Qi Up this spring, all participants were local. A dynamic mix of curious newcomers, eagerly repeating adepts and seasoned veterans. The atmosphere was calm and concentrated. Below are a few comments.

A year with Qi Gong

"I attended my first course one year ago and immediately knew that I wanted to continue. During this past year I have become much calmer. I like myself more. I have also had some visible, physical results. Last spring I had a bad rash on my hands. I was given cortisone, but it did not help. I tried all kinds of creams. Today the skin is healthy again. I have also had problems with sinusitis for ten years, having to puncture them each time I have had a cold. This winter I have had three bad colds without once having to take antibiotics or to puncture the sinuses. My body is so healthy that it has started its own healing processes. Practising Qi Gong just makes me feel good."

No more back pain

"This is my third week-end course. Since I started practising Qi Gong my back pains have disappeared and I am more energetic."

"When I started two years ago I wondered how long I could practise before getting problems with lumbago again. But since then I haven't had lumbago. I have also had shoulder problems, a typical teachers affection. They have subsided, after one and a half year. But I only practise Qi Gong in the group training and rarely at home. I continue as a preventive measure."

More flexible than in 20 years

"I think this is my seventh basic course. I am feeling good. I haven't grown taller, but it feels like my legs were longer now, as though something had happened in the hips. Recently I noticed that I had bended all the way down to tie my shoe laces. I didn't know I could do that. It has been 20 years since I tied my shoe laces without lifting the foot. Before I started training I often had pneumonia, sciatica and problems with my left arm. Today my back is fine. I have no ailments anywhere."


"I have been holding courses since 2005 and I have become a bit addicted to the longer courses. It is good to re-visit the basic courses, but I don't want to be without the winter and summer courses. They give me so much. Afterwards I feel so much better and have much more stamina. Since I started training so many things have happened. The mental changes are the easiest to spot. Thanks to qigong I have dared make big improvements in my life. The physical changes are easier to forget. Recently I was e.g. reminded, that I don't even remember the last time I have had to take pain killers."

A good way to keep in shape

"Practising Qi Gong is a good way to keep in shape at my age. I have attended many courses already. This time I focused on posture and relaxation."

Wonderful to see what Qi Gong has to offer

"I started practising Qi Gong in 2010. Back then I had a knee injury and my physique was poor. I thought it would be good to do a lighter exercise until I was able to do other sports. I wasn't instantly convinced, but I got curious of the summer course and there I became convinced. Little by little I became aware of other ailments I hadn't paid attention to before. Allergies, bad posture, symptoms of stress. Now I am rid of all of them. It has also been wonderful to see with my own eyes what Qi Gong has done for other people. I am happy to have continued. I haven't been tempted by other exercises since."

Inner calm

"I sought up Qi Gong because I had problems with my neck and my shoulders. I don't anymore. Training has also made me much calmer. Mostly it is the inner calm that has increased. On the outside I have always been perceived me as a calm person. I notice the change when I am with my grand children, and now recently when my car got bumped. Before I would have lost my temper, now I remained calm."

Feels good

"I am looking for a way to unwind. This feels good. I intend to continue. I find it difficult to stay still, so it was something of an insight to realise it is possible to move and relax simultaneously."

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm