Hold Qi up Helsinki [2014-03-02]

The Swedish Hold Qi up course in Helsinki region took place this spring in Grankulla. Since autumn last year a weekly training group has also been arranged in Grankulla. The atmosphere during the course was warm and positive. The participants came along well with each other, enjoyed the training and appreciated the possibility to fine tune the movements. Below are some of the comments from the participants.

Like a faithful friend

"I have not participated in the weekly training group since our child was born two years ago. It feels so nice to be warmly welcomed from everyone after a longer break. For me Qigong is like an old and good friend. Although my present life situation does not allow participation in the regular weekly training groups qigong is always present in my life as a tool ready to be used whenever needed."

My asthma and neck problems disappeared after one day

"My life is full of stress and I am always supposed to be somewhere else than I am. The same is the case today. However, I decided to participate even today because of my stiff neck, asthma etc. I started to practice qigong a long time ago but have forgotten the movements. Already during the first morning session my asthma started to loosen. In the evening my neck problems had disappeared and today I cannot feel any problems in my neck. It is now quite clear to me that I need to practice qigong and I will continue to do that. "

Good support from experienced participants

"This weekend training has felt very good. I especially appreciate that the course is not only meant for beginners. It is interesting to hear about other students experiences and to get excellent support with the corrections of the movements. The possibility to practice in a group is very important for me. This morning when I got up my body felt smoother. The tensions I had in my neck and shoulders, has disappeared."

Pain disappeared

"The course has created an excellent unified atmosphere by allowing the participants to work together in the correction sessions. The corrections are done in a kind and supporting way. I love to seek for perfection, calmness and peace. The way ahead is however long. I have severe feet problems and suffer from pain when I am standing. Today in the afternoon that feet pain had disappeared."

Help with stress handling

"Qigong has provided help for me to handle my stress and to live a more balanced and harmonious life. I started to practice qigong 5-6 years ago. My life was hectic and I had got the diagnose colitis ulcerosa (a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)). After practicing qigong for a few years I realized that my previous problems with shoulder pain due to worn shoulders had disappeared. The mobility had improved and my body felt smoother."

Qigong keeps away my depression

"What I like with Qigong is that I am allowed to be just myself. During my first course I felt so awful that I did not speak to anyone but still I felt that I was accepted. Qigong has helped me in many ways but mostly mentally. With the help of Qigong I manage to avoid depressions and if I fall into depression I have a tool to help me crawling back. If I am not practicing for three days I start to feel down. During courses and training sessions I meet wonderful people that all are moving forward to a better life. Here I feel a strong willingness to help others and an intensive feeling of gratefulness."

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm