Hold Qi Up Vasa [2014-04-5]

Vasa has had an active training group for nine years with regular courses in Hold Qi Up. The spring course attracted both new and old participants. The atmosphere was peaceful and the participants were motivated. Here are some comments:

First impressions

"The course has met my expectations."

"It has been totally stress-releasing."

"I feel that the body reacts to this."

"Qigong has been good for my daughter and she thinks it would be good for me as well."

Years of training - many improvements

"I have gotten rid of stress-related stomach issues, allergies, migraine and asthma symptoms by practicing qigong."

"When I began practicing qigong, I suffered from chronic tennis elbow. Now I am much better and I rarely need pain medication. I'm softer in the body, I relax and I sleep better. "

La Qi for asthma symptoms

"During this course, I have felt the respiratory ways opening and breathing has become easier. I have asthma and I have noticed that especially La Qi relieves the symptoms."

Mental support

"Last spring I suffered a great loss that led to different stress symptoms. Qigong helps me deal with these symptoms. It is a great comfort to know t

hat when times become tough qigong helps you to cope."

Margaret Willner - Rönnholm