Winter course Shenxing Qigong Karlskoga [2014-02-17]

For the third time we arranged the winter course in Karlskoga. For the second year in a row we had the possibility to practice nine days; initially a two days basic course in shenxin qigong followed by a six days training course and finally a training day with xing shen zhuang, totally nine days. Many of the participants chose to attend all nine days in order to maximize the time in the qifield and the possibility to get better results.
The winter course, as well as our other long courses, is great places for meeting new and old friends. Many of the participants emphasized how fun it is to meet everybody and the atmosphere at the course was very good. The possibility to spend time with nice people helped the mood to stay on top.
The strong qifield was noticed during the whole course. Several of the more experienced participants thought that we practiced more than usual this year. We didn't but with a stronger qifield the effects from the training is better despite less effort. In our final circle discussion many participants told about the health improvements, improvements from the course and also improvements that have happened over the years.


Our survey showed good results from the course. 77 % increased their level of energy, 76 % reduced stress and 65 % of the participants felt that their physical status had improved.

course report winter curse 2014

Better person

"I've practiced qigong for a couple of years and I'm forever grateful for the fantastic results, physical as well as mental, that I've got over the years. I can't describe my gratefulness in words. For me it's a process. It takes time but you're progressing all the time. You need to practice. That's the only way to get better. Qigong is a fantastic tool to get better in all areas. Qigong makes me a better person. Thanks for a great course."

Treatment injury

"Thanks for a great course with a great spirit. It felt good! My waist is a bit softer. Last autumn I had a setback and I practiced less than usual but now I'm motivated again. I'm making great progress all the time. 29 years ago I got a treatment injury. I didn't know about qigong at that time but eventually I found it. Qigong has treated me as time has gone by. Now I've made such big progress that I'll remove the implanted device. I've made great progress!"

Sick listed

"A great and nice course. It's so nice to eat together and to do the long training sessions. Arm training la qi has been a pleasure. Usually I have pain in my back but it's completely gone. Qigong is a tool. In the beginning I had a lot of injuries and my body was quite tired from shoulder problems. I was offered cortisone. I started to practice qigong and I got great improvements but it's easy to forget after all those years of practice. Three years ago I had a tough working situation and I didn't have energy to practice qigong. I ended up sick listed and hospitalized. When I got home again I went to the summer course and since that I've got better and better. It's very nice."

Burned out

"I'm very, very, very pleased with the course; a lot of training and short lectures. Physically it's been easy – even though I've felt the body – but in a good way. To concentration has been more problematic but it got better after a couple of days. My working situation has been terrible since august. I've worked overtime every day and also some weekends. I would never ever have managed to do so without qigong. I have a history of burnout and others have warned me but I've felt extremely strong. Thanks for a great course. I love these courses."


"I'm much softer and my shoulders are more relaxed. It feels very good."
Squeezed hand
"Qigong has helped me a lot. Two weeks ago I squeezed my hand in a car door. The following evening I practiced finger training and the hand is now completely recovered."


"This is my first winter course and I'm very happy to have been here. The training and the long training sessions have felt very good. It gives me more to practice long sessions. A month and a half ago I slipped and got problems with my shoulder but due to the training it has recovered. It feels very good."

Improvements over time

"I rarely notice sudden improvements. They rather come over time. Looking back I can state that I've made much progress in my body as well as in my mind. Thanks for the course."
"I'm not one of those who get sudden and huge changes, my changes happens over time. Therefore I have to look back in history to see the results. This is my sixth winter course and I've enjoyed the course. I'm calmer and stronger compared to my first winter course and there are things I'm not corrected for anymore so I guess I've learned the movements a bit better."
"I want to start by thanking for a great course. It has been fantastic and I'm full of gratefulness. I've practiced for six years and I've achieved many different improvements, both in my neck and my rheumatic problems. I would have wished the results to come faster but I'm progressing all the time. I also feel that I can do things for others and that is fantastic. That makes me feel happy!"

Pernicious anemia

"I've enjoyed the training a lot at this course. My training quality has improved and also the way I think and the way I don't think. The last year incredibly much has happened. I can't tell you everything but I can tell you that since the summer course I've got rid of an incurable disease, or rather it is said to be incurable; pernicious anemia, which is congenital. According to the doctors I would have to take injections for the rest of my life. It was something that I just had to do, they told me. But I don't. Obviously I can now produce the enzyme that I've lacked my whole life. Obviously I can absorb B12 and I don't need injections any longer."

About qigong

"I've practiced a couple of years. Looking back my life has changed completely and I've managed to do so thanks to qigong. Qigong has been very important to me. Thanks to everybody."

Energy and strength

"Thanks everybody for a great course. It's been very good to be here. The huge thing for me is that I got more energy. I've struggled with tiredness and at the course I've work a lot with my tensions so I've had pain in my shoulders and back. Now my body is softer and more flexible. Relaxation is great. The more I manage to relax, the more strength I get. I've had the courage to make huge changes in my life and to take responsibility for them. I feel a great happiness inside. And the calm, it's fantastic how much strength I get from the calm. It's great."


"Over the years you get some blemishes, and that's an important reason to practice. I suffer from arthritis in many of my joints and I've had a lot of pain in my fingers, foot and knees. Without the training I'm sure my problems would have been worse. I'm forever grateful that I found qigong. It's a great friend to have when you get older. It's been a great course! I've enjoyed having my son and grandchild as well as my sister in law here at the course, and also all my other nice friends. It feels so good to come here. I thank for a great course."
"At my first basic course one of my knees was very painful. I cried and I thought it never would recover. I kept on practicing and 2012 I attended the summer course. The fifth day I took a long walk. Since that I haven't had any pain in my knee at all. It was confirmed incipient arthritis. I haven't had pain since then. I was reluctant to attend the winter course but I was persuaded and I'm forever grateful for that. I got the feeling that I could stand on one foot in a way I haven't been able to do before. Something has happened in my back, a huge change and improvement. It has been a great course for me and I'm very grateful!"


"It's been a great course and I've enjoyed it a lot. I'm a bit softer between my shoulder blades. 3.5 years ago I suffered from severe migraine. I do research but I thought I would have to quit and find another work. Now I can't tell when I last had a migraine and I start to think that I can continue to research."

Scorch, eczema

"To have the possibility to practice is great. Congratulate to everybody for the great results. I also get better and better gradually and I'm grateful for that. I had a scorch 10-12 years ago and it continues to get better and better. My son had eczema on the hands when he came here. I brought a salve but we forgot to use it and the hands recovered anyway."


"I've practiced at home but not that much. Therefore I needed this course to get my head in better shape, to improve my way of acting and thinking according to the philosophies of qigong. Physically I've felt good quite for quote a long period of time, physical problems was the reason I started to practice qigong long ago. A longer period of time I haven't been bothered of anything physically. It's not perfect but my body feels good. So my goal with this course was get a better state in my mind. I have, so I feel very pleased."


"I'm grateful for the opportunity to listen to everybody. It's like a flower. The stories are like petals; together they make a flower. What I can bring to the flower is anxiety. That is my chapter in life. Anxiety, stress and depression are my burdens. I've tried a lot of things in that category but I've made great progress. In periods I feel very good. It's important to compare to oneself in how you feel and for me it's fantastic that I feel this good. This autumn and winter have been extremely hard for me; a lot of stress, problems at work as well as a lot of things to do in my spare time. I came to this course after a busy weekend but when I came here I calmed down quite fast. I'm very grateful for meeting everybody. Sometimes you don't have time to talk to everybody, you just say hello. Then you can talk on the next course instead. There are many possibilities. Qigong gives us possibilities, hope and power. I came here with quite serious anxiety but a lot of it I've been able to put aside due to qigong. I can easier get out of my deep periods if I get there. It's fantastic! Otherwise you have to rely on psychiatry and medicines. It's great to have qigong as a tool. Shenxin is great to make the mind calmer. Shenxin makes me powerful and calm. I'm very grateful for the periods of calm. Thanks to everybody!"

About the course

"I've felt good this week. Time has passed fast. Before I used to count the days and how much that was left of the course. This course I've experienced a deepening. I'm pleased that I've kept practicing all those years without actually understanding anything – but I might as well says that after another ten years. I don't know what makes me keep practicing but there's something. I feel strong. Great! The winter course is a great oasis in winter Sweden."
"I had a great course. It's so nice to practice together."
"I'm happy that I've been here. It has been a great course; good teachers and nice in every way. Qigong has helped me a lot, for instance I'm straighter, stronger, softer, calmer and happier. The training has evened out my blood pressure and blood sugar, allergies. At this course I've noticed of course that I feel much better but also that I have more energy. I'm happy. Thank you so much!"
"I felt very good throughout the whole training and it's been very nice to do the long sessions. It was good to correct the movements in the beginning of the course. Then we had time to do long training sessions the rest of the course."
"It has been a fantastic course. Thanks!"
"This was my first winter course. Finally I managed to come here. I've tried many times but I haven't been able to come. I had to stress a lot to be able to come here so when I came here I was stressed up and my body was stiff for days. Then suddenly it released and I felt calm. It has been huge! I've felt it all the way out to my fingers. A great course, very nice and very calm. It has been fun."
"I'm very thankful and happy. Thanks for a great course."
"I've never felt this calm at a course. One evening I was sitting in the back of the hall, looking at everybody practicing. It feels great looking at all people practicing together. We get the effects thanks to everybody's efforts."
"This course has been very good for me. I feel calmer. During one training session I got insights in what I need to change when I get back home. So when I get back I will make it happen. I feel stronger and more energetic. It's been fun meeting everybody."
"A course has never been this easy for me. Usually I have to fight and struggle, this time I didn't have to, but still I got great improvements. Things have opened up anyway. I've felt heat streaming through my body. Much has happened in my back and I can do the squatting."
"I want to thank for a great course. It has been very nice to practice and my body feels good, very soft and smooth. It's nice to spend time with good people."


"I've suffered from new injuries in my neck. Therefore this course has been tough for me but I feel much better now compared to when I came here. Thanks to the eye movements my vision is better now than when I was 22 years old."
"It has been a good course. I had a bleeding in one of my eyes but it disappeared so something good happened. I don't suffer from any major problem so for me the training is more pleasure than pain."
"My vision has improved. It seems to do so when I get calmer. I've better understood that by imagine someone else being in the qi-filed you can help them. That was very good."
"It's been a wonderful course and I've enjoyed it. Before I came here one of my eyes was irritated. I had to go to a doctor to check it up. The doctors knew what was wrong and I could get medicines to cure it but I went to the winter course and the problem disappeared."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen