Trondheim Hold Qi Up [2014-02-15]

The fine Qifield gathered many participants this weekend, both new and repeating ones from weekend courses and Summer Courses.

One of the participants summed up the course like this: "It feels so light in this room."
Comments from the course:

Stress gone

"Inner stress has stopped. The atmosphere and tranquility here is absolutely fantastic. I experience the warmth of the Qifield greatly."

Feels confidence

"This is the first time I exercise Qigong. It is a confident mood here. The training has been good, physically and focused. Old blockages come to the surface and I feel confidence."

Common understanding

"I am new to this course. It is good to be here. I am more 'down' in my body now."

Endure more

"I did not think it was possible to stand upright for so long, but I did."

Much humor

"I have no doubt that this works. It is fine noticing so much humor at this course."

Lightness in this room

"It is wonderful to be here getting the energy boost. Everything feels so light."

Learn new things I did not think existed

"During the exercises this weekend I thought I could not be able to stand for the whole time, however I did. I learn new things that I never thought existed. This training gives me hope and faith."

Arthritis better

"I had arthritis and have suffered lots of pain. Now my body is less stiff. I do not have bad joints anymore."


"My body has been calmer now. This morning my hands became extremely warm, and I was very happy."

Spine straightened up

"I have made contact with my spine, and I manage to release the tension. Something happens to my attitude now, as if I am being straightened up internally. I feel a greater pride. I look forward to the Summer course."

Arms and shoulders less stiff

"I have been working as a hairdresser. My arms and shoulders are now becoming less stiff. It is good to practice together."

Sharper focus

"I have gained a broader perception and a sharper focus. I have also managed to keep it."

Trondheim Hold qi up 2014.03.09

Ingrid Tidemann