Shenxin qigong Vasa [2014-02-08]

The participants were concentrated and showed good spirit during this semesters course in shenxin qigong in Vasa.

Comments from the participants:


Good Help

"Shenxin qigong is my personal favourite. It's quite easy to practise Shenxin even if you are not up to practicing. The training has helped me in many situations."

Very Effective

"I prefer shenxin qigong, it's more physical training, I'm used to that. It feels like it's very effective.

Elbow Problems

"I got rid of my hurting elbow and back pain because of practicing qigong. I don't want to stop practise qigong."

Flexible Shoulders

"I like shenxin qigong very much. I'm more flexible in my shoulders after this course. I had some pain in a shoulder but after some corrections it became better. Thanks for a great course."

Straighter Legs

"It was a great course. I start to feel the aging, I want to prevent that. Yesterday I could put my feet together, I normally can't do that because my knees are in the way."