Hold qi up Nybro [2014-01-25]

The basic course in Nybro gathered plenty of participants who have practised with us before. The beginners got a lot of god information and practice tips from the more experienced students during the course.

Comments from the course:


Cleanout Process

"This was my first course. Yesterday felt like a cleanout process, it felt good. I have a positive attitude towards this training."

New Perspectives

"I like this training. I got new perspectives on my everyday life because of the mental part of qigong. My body feels a little softer and quite nice."

Good feeling

"I will continue to practise, I feel very good when I practise."

Walking Ability

"This was my first course. I've had problem to walk correctly for one year. This morning I found myself in the bathroom, I wondered how I did to get there. I didn't limp out of the room either. The course was very though but exciting."

Qigong As a Tool

"This was my second course. I think qigong is a great tool. I'm mentally much clearer and I sleep much better. During the course I had some reactions in my leg. I will probably attend the summer course. I liked the atmosphere, very friendly."

"The best thing with qigong is that I get a tool to handle life. I can make better decisions when I practise. I feel quite good."


"I used to have headache five times per weak. Since I started to practice qigong I have headache about two times per month. I had a burning feeling in my hips, I had to change my body regulation very much."


"After many years the doctors told me I had pancreatitis, something that would not pass. After my first basic course I felt how something started to happen in my body. I felt hope. I attended the summer course and became much better. My doctor was surprised, he recommended me to continue to practise qigong. In general I'm healthier now and I can influence my health in a good way. I'm not a victim for my disease."


"Practice Qigong has made my body softer. It feels good to participate in these courses I always pick up new details."

Foot Getting Better

"At the beginning of the first day it was very difficult for me to sit down on the floor and especially to get back up, I had to hold a chair. But now I can do it easily, I even did it without my hands helping. My grandkids will be so happy, now we can play together on the floor. I just went thru foot surgery, I had some strange sensations in my foot during qi-regulation. If I hadn't talked to Ellen before I would have been afraid but now I just kept thinking that my foot became better. Now I feel like I have cushions under my feet and they are very warm. This is very exciting."

Mental Improvements

"I have practiced for many years. During this course I felt relaxed and I enjoyed the training. The most significant effect for me is the mental improvements; I handle life better when I practice this method."

Nicer Person

"I have practiced for three years. I started because I was curious of what my sister and mother were doing and I had some trouble with back pain. At first I didn't enjoy the exercises. They felt to slow and boring, but now I enjoy them. I have even longed for this course. I went to the course in Gothenburg recently and after that I have much more energy. The best result is that I am a nicer person now; it's a great feeling to be nice from morning to evening!"

Great Athmosphere

"This is my first course, I have chronic pain in my body, mostly back, neck and shoulders and headache. The doctors don't know why and have no way to help me. It feels good to be here. Today I feel softer and calmer. I also want to add that the way I have been welcomed here feels very unique. Everyone is friendly and helping, it's not like in society in general. I felt like I'm part of the gang even though I'm a beginner. Thank you!"


"I have practiced since 2003. I suffered from severe migraines. I spent 5-6 days of the week in bed thinking I wouldn't survive the horrible pain. I couldn't brush my hair; I couldn't prepare food, nothing. I cried my first course I couldn't believe that I managed to get out of bed the second day, after the course I had a week free from migraine. Now my life is different, I can do many things. I still have migraine attacks but not at all as before. Today I was happy to notice that my wrists are more flexible."

Ability to Run

"I have practiced for many years, and I must say that this course has been the best ever, I just enjoyed every second. Many good things have happened from practicing qigong. My allergies are gone, the pain in my neck and shoulders are gone, and I don't need as much sleep. After thirty years I can run again, I couldn't do that because of a football injury in my knee, but it's all well now! And just as a fun fact, last summer course, my scare from an appendix surgery completely disappeared."


"I have practiced for three years. I can sleep better and I have more energy. I'm calmer and can handle things better, like stress in traffic and colleagues at work."