Hold qi up Ekenäs [2014-02-01]

Both composure and purposefulness characterized the first weekend course in Hold Up Qi in Ekenäs. Repeating participants who had been training for a long period were helpful to the newcomers and told them about their own routines and the improvements in their own health. Below some of the comments:

Reduction of toothache

"I have been training quite a long time not always regularly. For the last few days I have been suffering from tooth-ache and I am seeing the dentist next Monday. Last Friday was awful, but today the toothache is almost gone. That's quite a result.-I was expecting that this training course to give me relief and then it happened."

Light and joy

"I started in 2003, but haven´t been training regularly. When I notice deterioration I attend a course to lift myself and Qi up. My hip and my shoulders are reminding me about my failures. The impact of training is most important for my composure. I tend to get depressed from time to time. This training gives me light and joy, that is important. Few experiences in life have activated me for such a long period. This training course has been good.

Improving posture

Two months ago I attended a Shenxin course in Hangö. As a trained military serviceman I have no problem with discipline and I have trained almost every day. I am attending this course to get a change. Now my feet have burning sensations and my shoulders are warmed as well. After troubles with one of my shoulders I now think that this sensation of warmth means that something is going on. I am hopeful. I am training to improve my posture.


Preventive purpose

I did my first course in 2012 and have since then trained weekly in a group. The training gives me a better composure. One of my hips has straightened and my shoulders feel better. I do preventive training.

Composure and energy

I did my first course last year. Because I wanted to calm down. I have done training almost every evening. I am sleeping better, I have calmed down and I have more energy. The training cures my headache when my shoulders get tense. I have got good corrections and a motivation to improve my movements.

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm