Shenxin Qigong Norwich [2014-02-01]

The very first Shenxin Qigong course in the UK was very well received. We've taught Hold Qi up in the UK for some years but now we wanted to teach Shenxin Qigong as well. We had a good number of participants and they were very enthusiastic both during and after the course and wanted more Shenxin courses in the future.
Some of the students comments can be found below:

Improved arms, neck and shoulders

I found the course extraordinarily well laid out. I've done Tai Qi Quan for three and a half years. I felt that my arms, neck and shoulders had some problems but these symptoms weren't there today and I had an enormously relaxed night last night . I think the repetitions were good. I thought the teaching was relaxed and informal I like the way you did business . I have to go back and listen to the cd and imagine you teaching – because there is a lot of information there. I've had an extraordinarily good weekend – really good – positive.

Alert in spite of very little sleep

I've had a brilliant weekend. As I've mentioned to people, I have managed on so little sleep. I think I had a lot of Qi already on Friday and we were very late back from the airport. I managed yesterday on an hour of sleep and I was still functioning by the time I went to bed last night – so that says something about what Qi can do. I can feel things loosening up in my shoulders and my back. I'm really glad to get back to this – I've practised before and then stopped practising Shenxin because I've been doing other things (Xin Shen Zhuang) and I'm really pleased to have found it again. I will partner it up with XSZ ( which is what I was told to do in the first place!) Thank you!

Very nice feeling of Qi

It's been a fabulous weekend. I have felt a different way of feeling – the energy- with this practice, quite a lot of difference. I've loved it – it's been so clear and so easy to follow. I've felt really energised, I've got a project to work with and I'm really enthusiastic about continuing and I'd love to come out for the winter course. Yes it's been a lovely weekend – thank everyone else too – it's been a lovely group - a lovely Qi Field.
Now, after the course I get a different feeling. I think I hadn't really clicked before somehow - I knew about the effect of the qi field - have experienced it in different ways, but when I got home and started up on my own this time, I only had to picture us all together and then imagine the wider group to get a great feeling of qi. Aren't we lucky!

Better arms and improved circulation

I'm really glad I came – I really like all the instructions – they are so clear – so detailed. But I had to concentrate so much that I haven't been able to relax – so I can't wait to go home and practice and relax more. I try to work on my arms and I didn't lose the feelings in my arms this morning. That's a good start so I want to carry on.
After the course when I'm working in my rather chilly workshop, I'm not feeling anywhere near as cold as I used to. Makes it easier to do the very fine work that is involved in making and mending violins.

Energetic and getting improvements

I've really enjoyed the weekend very much. I think it's going to be incredibly useful for me as I've recently had health problems and I don't think I've been so energetic over a weekend for a very long time, especially on so little sleep. Things have happened in my head and back – so there are obviously ways that I can work on myself with this form. I'm very glad to know about it – Thank you. I very much hope to get to the summer course.

Disappearing pains

Thank you so much – I've really enjoyed the weekend. Having done Hold Qi Up for quite a long while its really interesting to do another form and its quite different – the feeling is quite different. I have problems with my back and shoulder and recently I hurt myself. It's been very interesting – it's not ideal coming with a problem but it's interesting – I've had pains shooting round my body and then they've gone away and I feel very much better. I'm very much looking forward to getting better at the exercises and then returning again to get deeper in to it. So – I've enjoyed it very much – thank you.

My energy has been brilliant

This is the first time I've tried Qigong and I think it's absolutely brilliant. It's made me aware that I've been standing wrong for my entire life. My posture is wrong. That's good to know and I can see great benefits from doing this. My energy has been brilliant this weekend and it's been just the right amount of physical effort! Just the right amount without being too much! The teaching style has been brilliant – not overly serious and a good sense of humor. Thank you.

Looking forward to practising

Thank you very much it's been really wonderful– I really loved the teaching – it made the techniques very clear and funny as well. I think it's really helped me to improve my posture for Hold Qi Up as well as this because it made me realize a lot of things I was probably doing wrong in Hold Qi Up. That will benefit me as well, so I'm really pleased. I've become more aware of how important it is to be very particular about each position and I do feel the difference when you get it right – it does feel more fluid when you do all the movements in time and that's really beneficial. I'm looking forward to it helping me with sleeping better and getting rid of anxiety. I really believe that Qi Gong can make you come to your highest potential. I've seen a change in Mum over the last 7 -8 years and it's been amazing. I'm really glad to have found it at such a young age. So - yes – thank you very much!

Herbjörn Wilhelmsen