Hold Qi Up Bodø [2014-01-25]

Many participants noted that they had increased their Gongfu during the weekend course. Stiff fingers became more flexible. Some also experienced pain relief. Bellow follows some comments from the participants:

Softer fingers

"The result is very good, and I feel very balanced and calm. I have had a lot of pain. My neck was very stiff. Now it loosened up a bit. My stiff fingers have become more flexible."

More Gongfu

"This weekend course has been incredibly good. I am very relaxed now, and I have a good feeling in my body. The mental training has given me more Gongfu : In spite of severe pain in the feet, I did not sit down on the chair! I feel no pains now."

Feel calm

"I am troubled by muscle pain and stress. Now I feel calm and the muscles have become softer. I am better than ever and I am very satisfied."

Sleeps well

"I have trained steadily since the previous "Hold Qi Up" course. Like last time I become very relaxed during and after the weekend course. I seek peace, and get rest here. I have a shoulder inflammation that hurts. I used to sleep badly because of that. During the weekend course I slept well all night - without pain."

Foot less painful

"My expectation for the course was to meet others and to be in the Qifield. I have a painful foot, which I 'fight'. During the course the pains have declined. I have learnt a lot. The corrections have been fine."

Nice to repeat

"Every time it is great to get the refresher course. The corrections are good. I get a nice feeling of Qi here."

Bodø Hold qi up 2014.01.25

Ingrid Tidemann