Shenxin qigong Hangö [2013-11-23]

A friendly and enthusiastic group of people gathered this weekend to enhance their life quality by practicing shenxin qigong.

Here you can read some comments from the participants:

Nice feeling

“It was four years ago I attended a course. I could immediately feel the qi field. I feel softer and calmer, a nice feeling. I practice every morning, it´s a good way to start the day. It was great to repeat snake arm, thanks for the corrections.”


“The best with this course was the corrections which I needed. I have a good experience with practicing shenxin qigong. I planted very many plants some time ago. My body ached very much after that. I practiced shenxin qigong one time and all the pain disappeared.”

Repeat Courses

“To repeat the course is very good. I realize what I have done wrong. I had some problems with a vertebra, after the winter course the vertebra slipped in to its right place again.”

“We have a great group. Everybody helps. There is always something that happens when we practice. I used to be very stiff but now I´m quite flexible. It´s great to repeat a course. After the first course you think you know how to do, after the second course you know you don´t.”

Effective Method

“It was a nice course, very calm. It´s very effective.”

“Thanks for a great course. I feel relaxed, soft and calm. I have been stressed and depressed. I feel stronger and more alert. I can continue to study. I´m looking forward to the winter course. I practice qigong to stay healthy and calm.”

Flat Footed

“I think it´s important to repeat courses. I was flatfooted, I haven´t thought about it but now I can see that my feet are normal again.”


“I feel an inner strength. I understand the power of the thought. I´m fighting with thoughts that tells me not to practice. I want to control my thoughts, I feel much stronger now.” 


Johannes Nordgaard