Hold qi up 2 Nybro [2013-11-09]

A strong qi field, plenty of time dedicated to practise and a very calm atmosphere describes this semester's course in hold qi up 2 in Nybro.

Comments from some of the participants:

Better Arms and Hands

"I have practised for three years and this was my first hold qi up 2 course. My hands and arms get much better when I practise."

Strong Course

"I think it was a strong course."

"I thought this course was a little special. We practised in a nice tempo, quite slow. I'm looking forward to the next course."

No Pain

"This was my second hold qi up 2 course. I have used the extra things we learned the last time, It was good to repeat because I noticed I forgot some of them. I'm better in my neck, I don't have pain anymore."

Improved Shoulder

"I have injured my shoulder after a falling accident. Since I participated in the basic course two months ago I have been better and better. I need the mental training and to get more energy."


"The feeling of being happy has returned."

Qigong Helps With Studies

"I have longed for this course. Recently I felt a bit stressed due to that I started to study as well as working. I have used my qigong practice to prevent me from getting sick and this course will help even more. I enjoyed this course, qigong is very important in my life."


"This is the first time I have joined this course, I have participated in two beginner's courses. I think it's fantastic. This course I felt very warm. I look forward to the next course."


Johannes Nordgaard