Hold qi up Kalmar [2013-09-07]

At a sunny and warm weekend in the beginning of September we had a hold qi up basic course at Högalids folkhögskola just outside Kalmar. We have had courses there for many years now. The training hall was filled by many beginners as well as experienced students. The atmosphere was lovely and the participants expressed a high level of interest for further studies.

Here are some comments from the participants:


Urinal Infections

"I have practised for about ten years. It was a very nice course. I feel calm and relaxed; I want to thank everyone. I have had problems with urinal infections for some time. At most I had infections two times per month. The only thing the doctors did was to give me penicillin. Last summer course I had severe pain in my urinary system for seven days. I thought it must have been a reaction because after that course I haven't had any infections at all. It feels absolutely lovely. I'm happy that I continued to practise."

Repeat Courses

"It was nice and lovely to repeat the course. I think it was nice just to be present and to practise qigong."

"I have practised for ten years and participated in many courses. It feels better and better to join the courses. The first course was very tough, and I had problems to remember the movements. Now it feels so nice to be here, feel the qi and to practise."


"I feel more relaxed and calm."


"My main improvement is that my migraine is gone. It's a good way to relax and to get rid of stress."

The Exercise

"Even though I have practised for thirteen years I don't get bored by hold qi up."

Expectations Exceeded

"I'm impressed how strong flow you can get in the body with the small movement we learned. I'm very impressed that so much happens in my body, it exceeded my expectations. Thanks."

Mental Improvements

"I had problems with my legs and some mental problems, practising qigong has helped me very much. I can recommend you to participate in the summer course."

Friends Recommendation

"This is my first course. I attended the course thanks to a friend's recommendation. I will continue to practise."


"When I started I had strong reactions and I lost about ten kilos of weight. I can sleep much better, I have more energy and I don't have any more migraine."

Friendly People

"I want to try the method. My balance is very bad and I have neurological problems, my right side is almost paralyzed. I believe in this and I heard so many positive things during the circle talking. And great to meet all the friendly people."

Doctors Recommendation

"I'm one of those who got a verdict from the doctor. They told me I had a disease that's chronic. Practicing qigong has helped me very much, I feel good today. My doctor is amazed; he wonders what we are doing when we practise qigong. I don't know what happens, I only know that I feel very good and I don't have severe pain anymore. My doctor told me I should continue to practise qigong."

Feeling Better

"I have practised for one year. I feel better, sleep better, and experience less pain. I'm "worn out" in many parts of my body, but now it feels great."


"I'm tired, as I normally am during courses. I have practised for three years. I attended the summer course this summer. Prior to that I was informed that I had to go through radioactive treatment due to the goitre I suffer from. It didn't feel good at all, so during the summer course I decided to eliminate the sickness with my mind. Following the summer course I took some tests and the result indicated that I did not have to go through any treatment. The tests will now be followed up to give the result a scientific basis too. Thanks for a great course! Great to see that there are so many of us here!"

Give It a Chance

"It is very luxurious to have courses so close to home. After the first course I thought that I'd at least use the 10-card for the weekly trainings, since paid for, and the 20 minutes a day practice felt reasonable. It makes me alert! So – first timers – give it a chance!"

Step By Step

"I've practiced for a long time, about ten years. A lot has happened, but in a slow pace. All of a sudden I discovered that I had no more allergies, my earlier painful knee was no longer acing, I need less sleep – I'm spirited! Changes will come over time. I have taken part in so many courses, but each of them is like a new kind of course."

Pain Killers

"During the lecture Friday evening I recaptured my physical status a year back in time. I discovered that at that time I took pain killers five days a week, suffering from headache. Nowadays I only take pain killers once or twice a month!"


"It's the third year of practice. I had lots of pain in my hands and suffered from instable balance, but it has all improved. That feels great! I will continue to practise Qi Gong."


"I started to practise 10 years ago. At that time I suffered from migraine five to six days a week. I could not do any physical activities at all; not comb my hair or hardly even pick up a fork to eat with. I'd never thought I'd make it through the first course, but I did and was free from migraine for a week to follow. It was obvious that something happened! A lot happened during my first summer course, and in January of this year, during a regular basic hold qi up course in Nybro, I became disease-free. All pieces just fell into place, both mentally and physically."


Johannes Nordgaard