Hold qi up Helsinki [2013-10-12]

The Swedish course in Helsinki area was this autumn held in a 100 year old house in Grankulla with sun and autumn coloured leafs outside the windows. The atmosphere was harmoniuous and peaceful with motivated participants. Below are some participants comments:

Internal strength

"I have practiced for a fairly long time and achieved many good results. I have got rid of one depression and with a liver disease that usually tend to persist. My power of concentration has improved. I have noticed that by practicing I have become calmer and more relaxed and that is how I would like to feel. Qigong gives me strength to improve my ability to control my life."

Keep the depression away

"I wonder how my life would look like without qigong. My body was in a very poor condition both externally and internally when I in 2005 started to practice qigong. A injured shoulder was cured, the stiffness and inflexibility in my body disappeared and I got help to survive after severe grief. Now I am able to maintain my mental balance, keep peace in my mind and feel happiness by practising regularely."

I discover continuous improvements in my body

"I have practiced since 2009. I suffer from myopathy and I also got a brain damage in a traffic accident. According to my diagnosis I should now be dying and using a respirator. I practice daily about two hours every day. My muscles have started to develop and the stability in my legs is improving. I notice continuous improvements in my body. I am not scared any longer and I sleep well. I know that my body is slowly being getting better. Training is good."

Shoulder in good shape, Internal calm

"I started to practice qigong about 5 years ago. I was suffering from a chronic intestinal inflammation that got worsen due to stress. I also suffered from worn out and aching shoulders. The shoulder pain has disappeared. I feel more relaxed and can handle stress better. My internal calm has improved due to qigong."

Day two – no head ache

"This is my first course. I have during the last five or six years suffered from migraine every day. Because of this I have started to feel depressed. My mother is practicing qigong. Although I was skeptical about qigong and felt that the movements look silly I still wanted to test it. Yesterday I was feeling bad, but today I have not suffered from head aches at all."

Valuable repetition

"I started to practice qigong in 2011. Since then I have participated in several weekend courses and one LUQ2. After a weekend course it is easier for me to keep up my training at home. I sleep better and I can sleep less. I am not so irritated at work and can manage stress better. My colleagues looks more tired than me. During this course I have paid attention to many details that I either had forgotten or not noticed at all earlier."

"I participated in August this year in my first week end course in Hangö. After the course I started to practice actively at home. Now I have been a little lazy. I joined this course to get inspiration to start regular training again."

One solution for all my problems

"I started to practice qigong six of seven years ago. At that time I was feeling awful. One of my arms was not functioning at all due to an unsuccessful tetanus vaccination and my whole body felt stiff. I read about a weekend course in the newspaper and decided to test if qigong could offer a solution to my problems. After three months my arm was well and the stiffness in my body disappeared. I have to practice immediately when I get up in the morning because otherwise I have difficulties to find the time. I am very happy for this weekend course."

Tired and happy

"This is my first course. I am really tired but happy! I can feel the impact of the movements in my bodys all levels. For me as a Finnish speaking person this course has been a real culture trip both to China and Sweden. Usually I am very talkative but during this course I have been rather silent. This feels strange. I have experienced many new and good things. "

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm