Hold qi up Ekenäs [2013-09-14]

Ekenäs has had an active training group for many years as well as regularly recurring weekend courses in Zhineng Qigong that attract participants from other locations. This was also the case this time. Many old qigongers took the opportunity to charge their batteries, to help the newcomers and each other to fine-tune the movements. Below some comments from the participants can be found:

Allergies disappeared

"I have practiced since 2010. I was suffering from chronic fatigue, colds and other problems that I wasn't completely aware of. Qigong helped me in so many ways. I am more alert, I no longer need allergy medicine and I'm so much happier now. I have also started noticing how and when I become stressed. Qigong helps me relax and reach inner peace. I came to this course in order to gather strength and calm for a trip I'm about to make."

Power source

"For me Zhineng Qigong is a source of life. I come to the source to gather a richness of life, happiness and power. When I'm running low on it at home I come to the group training for a refill. During the courses the Qi-field is even stronger. There are so many who have attended the summer course. It was a colleague who suggested I should try Zhineng Qigong, because I often had lumbago and other ailments. What made me eager was when I noticed how difficult it was for me to stand straight, even though I've always been physically active. With regular training the lumbago got better and eventually disappeared. Now I have other challenges that worry me. That is why the qigong is extremely important for me now."

Gather energy with La Qi when the children are sleeping

"I started training ten years ago because I had shoulder and neck problems. The muscles were inflamed and I was in a lot of pain. Training made the pain cease, but I have noticed during the courses that there still are things that I need to correct. Qigong has also made me calmer. I never thought I needed to become calmer, but now I really notice the difference. La Qi is an excellent method to increase my calm. Just a short while is enough, and you feel different. I'm used to practicing La Qi while my grandchildren are sleeping. After that you're better equipped again to handle everyday life."

Can swim again – after 14 years

"I have been practicing since 2009. It has helped me so much. Just now it feels like my whole thorax is opening up. Last week I swam for the first time in 14 years. My physiotherapist is going to teach me to swim again. It came as a surprise to the both of us that I could swim by myself all from the beginning. Last Friday I could walk without support. I've had loads of energy recently, even if I'm a bit mushy just now. Zhineng Qigong feels very safe. Everything that has happened due to qigong have been steps in the right direction."

Good with repetition

"I have been to many weekend courses and also practised for myself and in groups from time to time. But now lately there has been a pause for me and now I want to get started again. I need the group for my motivation. It has been good to get things repeated."
"It has felt so good. During the summer course this year I learned step two of Zhineng Qigong, Xing Shen Zhuang, and became so infatuated with the method that I haven't been training as much Hold Qi Up as before. But Hold Qi Up is such a good method that I want to start practising it in my training routine again. It has been good for me being here."

Interesting, instructive – powerful

"I am a beginner and I'm participating both as a personal assistant and for my own personal interest. During the last ten years I've been doing all kinds of things and so I wanted to try this out as well. I've been going to an acupuncturist for ten years and I notice that I feel the training in the same areas that the acupuncturist treats. The exercise La Qi felt very powerful. I both felt and heard something happening in my lumbar region. Now I feel pleasantly tired and relaxed."
"It has been interesting and instructive."
"I am not here because of any particular ailments, but because I happened to attend a lecture on Zhineng Qigong in Kasnäs. The lecturer radiated such calm; I thought this must be good. I have been a bit suspicious about the super stories, but Janna is living proof that there might be something to them."

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm