Hold qi up Norwich [2013-10-05]

We had an enjoyable course in Norwich in October. The newcomers were very quick learners and the repeaters were a great help to them, when working in pairs. As always we were at LionwoodSchool. The staff there makes us very welcome and it is a really delightful venue.

Here are some comments from course participants:

The philosophy is right for me

“It’s been nice and a privilege to be here, a nice group. The philosophy is right up my street. I am reticent about what I will be able to do but I intend to have a go.”

“Like another person said before me, the philosophy is just my sort of thing. It has been good to be here and to have a whole weekend to learn it.”

Helps me to sleep

“It’s been good to be here and lovely to meet everyone. I practise at home but I also visualise myself doing Hold qi up when I am in bed, which helps me to go to sleep.”

Relaxation clears my mind

“I have enjoyed the company. It is not too energetic and the slow pace suits me. I think it will ensure that I put relaxation into my life. It clears my mind.”

Reset my balance

“It was more challenging than I expected but I have enjoyed it. It is a supportive environment. I have changed pace over the weekend; it feels like I have reset my balance.”

Keep calm and relax a new experience

“I enjoyed the weekend but have been much challenged. When I hear ‘keep calm, relax’ it is new, I have never heard that. I have always heard, ‘come on, get a move on, do this, do that’. It has always been said and now I say it to myself. It has been quite an emotional experience. During practise I have had some tremors in my left hand- it is a nice feeling!”

Supportive environment

“This connects up with other things that I have done so it feels familiar. This is a very supportive environment.”

Qigong brought peace of mind

“Qigong has brought me peace of mind- I never have had it before. It came after one month of practise- it changed my nervous system. When I returned to teaching after a break, and had learned qigong and practised for a month in that time, I could really see how much calmer I was. This is my health insurance. It has been lovely to meet everyone. Thank you very much.”

Qigong is my friend

“Qigong is my old friend who looks after me. I put on the cd and I hear ‘relax-relax the brain’ – I think, ‘ok I know I am trying!”


Lorna Polke