Hold qi up Hamburg [2013-11-16]

Now we have had our third course here in Hamburg and this time we where in a nice training hall in Rissen. It was a curious and happy bunch of people that came to learn about Zhineng Qigong and mainly the exercises La qi and Hold qi up.

Some comments from participants:

Clearer mind, less pain, sleep better and more relaxed

"I have gone to all the courses we have had here and they are so good, it is wonderful to be here. I am that kind of person that can get lots of ideas in my head and thanks to qigong my mind gets clearer and more organized. I am more relaxed both in my body and my mind and sleep better. I have problems with one knee and my doctor wanted me to get an artificial knee for about 1,5 year ago, but I said no. I have less pain now, take less medicine and get less liquid in my knee. I can handle the pain I get much better than before and I got a better flow in my body."

The pain in the leg is gone

"The weeks before the course where stressful and I felt much tensed before the course. When I came here and understood that the course was held in English I was very happy because that helps me to focus and listen more carefully. Saturday went well and when I went home I noticed that my right leg that usually hurts did not hurt anymore and it was still good when I woke up this morning. I also feel very relaxed in a good way."

"Yesterday when I came to the course it was hard to walk but today I can walk without problems."

Pain in the back is gone

"I have been having a stressful time during the last period of time and I felt that I did not manage to go to the course, but my husband is wise and told me that I "have" to go. I have been having problems with pain in my back and I can not understand it but now the pain is gone and it is very positive."

Natural to practise qigong

"It has been an interesting course. Earlier when I have seen people practise qigong in a park I thought that it looked strange but now I could do that myself and it feels totally natural."

Learn new things

"I enjoy seeing how the group gets together and grow during a course. After every course I take new experience with me home and there are always new things to learn. During a period I did not practise qigong and I noticed immediately the difference. I got less patience with my children and my back started to hurt. Now the pain is gone again and my patience is back."

Calm and relaxed

"I get more calm and relaxed by qigong and I hope that it can make my tinnitus better."

More energy

"I have been in a spinning wheel that turns faster and faster and I have felt that I have to do something about it. I have tried to practise different sports to get more energy but I have only got more tired and got less energy. I have felt during this weekend that I got more energy to be myself and to find myself again, a sense of well-being."

Could stand better

"I have many physical problems and one is an injured knee. I could notice during the course that I could stand on my injured knee and that I could stand much longer than I thought before the course."


Fatima Ringvall