Hold Qi Up Stockholm [2013-11-01]

A small but motivated group gathered in Birkagårdens premises, some to repeat others to learn for the first time. It was a welcome boost of erngy to deal with the autumn darkness. It was a nice course with many happy smiles.
Below are some of the participants comments:

Help with MS

"This was my first course. I got MS about six months ago. My mother saw an article in a magazine about a girl who had MS who got a lot of help from practising zhineng qigong. She convinced me to attend the course. I lost my feeling in my hands, I hope I will get it back. I need routines and quite many hours of sleep every night. Despite I have been out with friends two nights in a row and I had to take the night train here I don't feel tired."

“I have multiple sclerosis. This has been a shattering experience for me. So far i have not felt any symptoms but I often feel dizzy and tired. I can feel a big difference after these two days. I am happier and more alert. I can even se better. I am very motivated.”

Staying healthy

"My purpose is to stay healthy. It has worked very well so far. I feel softer, happier and more alert. I can concentrate better and I have to sleep less. Thanks for a great course. "

Soft and calm

"Practicing is good. I feel softer and calmer."

Constant backache

"I have practiced for one and a half years. When i started i had constant back pains. I had problems handling my everyday life. It was painful to sit, fix my hair and i had trouble wearing heavy and tight clothes. This made me very afraid and depressed. Now i am much better. The only thing i do to get better in my back is qigong. I am very happy about this."

Can handle my new physical work

"I have gone from a office job to an education as a gardener. It is a heavy physical job. But i have noticed that I never get any ache because of it. The strength is there for me to be able to handle heavy lifting and working with my body. I think that this is thanks to qigong because i do not practice in any other way."


Johannes Nordgaard