Hold qi up Bodø [2013-09-21]

Those who were repeating the HQU course were surprised to find the HQU course so useful, giving new insights.
One of the participants measured decreased blood pressure.
Another participant got normal eye examination results (cornea). Some of the course participants comments:

Feel calmness

"I suffer from pains in my body. Having had an office job for 32 years, I have been through many tough periods. I have wanted an alternative to 'exercise'; i.e. running, walking in the mountains etc. Now I feel calmness."

Improving my life quality

"This course has improved my life quality. Previously, my back and neck has been tense, although I have not suffered from any physical troubles. I have, however, felt restless. Now I feel calm and happy."


"The course energizes me. Many positive things have happened. I became so vital. I now wish to try more."

Clearer voice

"Last year was good. I practised ZQ regularly. I was not not on sick leave then. At the end of this scool-year I gained more energy. I used to have problems with my voice. Now I can control this better. My voice is clearer now."

Shoulder pains gone

"A physical change has occured. It is impressive. Last ZQ course my shoulder pains disappeared. Now the other shoulder also recovered."

No dinner nap any more

"I am repeating this course. I also participate regularly at the group training. I have gained more energy. After work I used to have a dinner nap at the couch. Now do not need that any more. I can now concentrate better, noticing that I remember better what I read."

Stress level down

"During this course my stiff muscles have loosened up."

The cornea condition disappeared

"I feel an inner light, calmness, empowered. I sleep well. Previous eye tests indicated a cornea condition. After my last HQU course, the outdoor daylight was very clear. A new eye test showed that the cornea condition had disappeared."

Wise to repeat the course

"It is two years since my last HQU course. I thought is was no use repeating this course. Now I know it is very wise. The corrections are very useful."

High blood pressure got normal

"I have been suffering from high blood pressure. When I measured it now, it was normal."

Learn something new every time

"I have participated at all the ZQ-courses held in Bodø. Every time I learn something new."

Hold Qi up Bodø 2013 09 21

Ingrid Tidemann