Hold Qi up Trondheim [2013-09-14]

Most of the participants were repeating this course. They had also attended the last Summer Course. "Calmness" was the recurring theme in the course evaluations.

Course participants' comments

Was able to go for a walk again

"This is my first Zhineng Qigong course. I have been ill for å long time. Yesterday – for the first time in two months – I was able to go for a walk with the dog."

No menopause troubles

"Yesterday I was filled with energy. When I came home I 'flew' up the stairs. I have got much energy during this course. I have enjoyed this course very much. Today I got a laughing fit during a correction.

My natural sleeping time is now 6 hrs. I have got no menopause troubles after I started practising Zhineng Qigong."Hold qi up Trondheim

Manage the exercises  well

"The course has been fantastic. I manage well to do the exercises now."

Stress level decreased

"I have been looking forward to this course. I have been very busy lately. This weekend the stress level decreased. The course has been fine. I am pleased to notice that my standig posture is not so painful any more."

Lower blood pressure

"This course does me so good. This weekend I could center my body more. I have had less distracting thoughts. Yesterday I was measuring my blood pressure. It was lower than usual, which is very good. My tailbone has been very tense. During a correction the tension disappeared. I thank everybody for the good interaction this weekend."

Everyday life calmness

"This course has been good. It gives my everyday life calmness and energy. Feeling calmer now will also help me along/in the future."

Old tensions disappear

"It has been a calm course, and I feel more calm inside - as if I am on my way to a new relaxing stage. Something is happening deep innside – and I notice that I am able to relax certain places, which I could not do before. Old tensions disappear. The correction has been very good. Usually I have heavy pains on weekend courses. This time I have felt no pains. During the practice I have noticed 'streams' in my body.

I have got a rheumatic disease with much inflammation, however, I manage my everyday life much better now. I am not 'stricken' any more. Last Spring I got much more strength. I recently lifted up a frame mattress – without any effort whatsoever."

Got much energy again

"It is good to be here again. J feel calmer now. It is nice to have the body regulation. This night I slept well. I have got mucy energy during this course."


Ingrid Tidemann