Hold qi up Bollnäs [2013-09-28]

Autumn and suitable weather for being inside to learn Hold Qi Up and La Qi together and at the same time learn to know new participants. It is always valuable to the beginners that there are more experienced participants that joins the course and can contribute with their knowledge and help when we work two and two. And as usual we had the course at Björktjära School which has become a tradition for the last years.

Some comments from the participants:

I sleep better and shorter time

"Since I went to my first basic course around 2008 I think it was, I have attended every one of these courses. It is just something I "have" to do. I get calm and in balance and can handle the stress without breaking into peaces. I sleep better and also a shorter time. Earlier I had to sleep at least for 9 hours not to be a wreck the day after, it is really a big difference. I started to feel a tennis elbow, but I tried to practise Hold Qi Up a bit more intensive during a period and after two weeks it was gone. That can be the result of the practising if you keep up I have noticed. I have had a knee injury which have led to a swollen knee 1-2 times a year and has taken 2-3 month before it has gone down again. At the end the swelling never went down completely. At my first course I felt something in my knee and that it hurt, but now I can't remember when it was swollen last, it is now completely fine."

The group training is a good help to get going with the practise"It was my son that started with qigong and asked me to start. After I joined a course it was the group training that helped me get going with the practise and to remember the movements. Earlier I had problems with my knees and in my work at preschool I need my whole body to function. It started to grow inside of me that I should attend a summer course and it was a lovely feeling after the course and now I do not have any problems with my knees."

Alert and felt the difference at once

"In the beginning I thought about how can I get my arms above the head and how shall I be able to bend down, but I tried to do the movements and concentrate on them. When we went home in the car yesterday after the course I could see so much better and my eyes where big and bright. I had no pain and could stand straighter, I felt the difference immediately and the posture was better. I felt alert in the evening, almost as if I got wings."

"It has been a really good course. To go to the gym is not my cup of tea and I like this with a slower speed. Yesterday after the course I was so alert. I painted a wall that I have wanted to do for a long time and this morning I cleaned out two wardrobes before the course started."

I feel calm

"It feels very good! Yesterday I was very tired and had pain in my shoulders, but after that it has relieved and now it feels so much better. This is good for me because I live a lot of my life in my head and find it hard with the stress. I feel calm here now."

Fill up with energy

"I have tried a little of everything and for a long time I have wanted to join a qigong course. The main reason why a come is to learn how to fill up with energy, qi, and I know it is perishable. I want to be able to keep calm and stop myself."

Help against stress

"I think it is so very, very good with qigong. I help me to organize and sort out things in life and it helps me to counteract against stress."

Qigong makes me feel good

"I just feel good from the qigong practising. And it is so good to join a basic course to get help with corrections of the movements and there are always new things to pick up."


Fatima Ringvall