Hold Qi Up 2 Stockholm [2013-05-04]

The course started with a very calm atmosphere. The participants were ready to practise from the very start and the qi field became stronger and stronger.

Comments from the course:


“There was something special with this course. I could find calmness quickly. The course was excellent.”

 “A calm atmosphere, great course. The lectures were selectively chosen. I could receive the message in a good way. I really needed the course. It didn’t take long to relax and feel calm. Despite a late Friday evening I felt alert during the first day. Zhineng Qigong is a good tool to use when you are anxious and stressed.”

“This was exactly what I needed, to practise my inner calm. Thanks a lot.”

 “I felt unusually calm. A thirty year old scar started to tingle during the course. It was a comfortable course.”

Different Methods

“It was great to be here and to meet all the familiar people. I have been very alert during the course. It’s good to have different kinds of methods, I have been sick for some time and to week to practise xing shen zhuang so I have done hold qi up and qi regulation instead.”

Strong Relaxation

“When I came yesterday I felt like my head was thickened in some way, I feel clearer now. It was very good to practise relaxation. The relaxation felt stronger compared to before. I have some homework to do after this course.”


 “Slow and steady progress. I used to be uncommonly stiff in my back and legs. I had big problems putting on my socks in the morning because of stiffness. I’m much better today and I feel much better.”



Johannes Nordgaard