Hold Qi Up Nybro [2013-01-26]

The participants were eager to practise and learn Zhineng qigong. They quickly understood the importance of mental relaxation and the level of concentration was high during the course. 

Comments from the course:

Uplifting course

“I didn’t know anything when I came. The course was uplifting and people at the course were very nice. I noticed there are no shortcuts but I tried to find them the whole weekend.”

Positive Experience

“I read about the method before I came here. It’s exciting. The course was a positive experience. I have a good feeling in my shoulders again.”

Fast improvements

“I have participated in many weekend courses. I was burnt out when I started to practise, after the first basic course I became much better and the positive feeling lasted for a long time. I got a lot of energy from only two days practising, that’s why I continued to practise.”


“This was my first course. Very rewarding. I easily get stressed and I’m quite stiff. I believe this is good for me. I have a calm and nice feeling right now. Hopefully I will continue to practise.”

Great Help

“I have practised for ten years and the method has helped me very much. Before I started practising qigong I had no feeling in my foot but now it is better. My problems with stress have also decreased.”

Mental and Physical Workout

“A friend recommended me to join the course. It’s a good mental and physical workout.”

“For me the mental effects are the best results, I have a tool to release stress and stay calm.”



Johannes Nordgaard