Summer course one Nossebro [2013-06-24]

The more than 150 participants at our nine day summer course, step 1, came to Nossebro on the Monday after Midsummer. Many joined their first summer course with us, even more repeated the course. Although most of the participants came from Sweden, there were also many from Finland, Norway and a few other countries present. Anticipation and excitement were in the air. The joy of reuniting with dear qigong friends was great and laughter was heard everywhere.

The nine days passed quickly. Besides practising, they were filled with lectures and teaching directly from our head teacher Su Dongyue. This year he introduced a new form of group qi regulation, which was much appreciated. Many felt a strong sense of qi when doing it. The course was very calm, the atmosphere in the training hall was marked by serenity and harmony. Compared to when we started our summer courses almost 20 years ago, there are now significantly less emotional outbursts.

Some themes were central to this year's course. What is clear is that more and more have grown better at using the qi-field, both here on the course and at home. Our strong qi-field, built up for over 20 years, is there and if we learn to use it our results can dramatically improve. Examples of this include Per, whose history can be read in his personal story. By wishing for specific results before practising in the qi-field, he has been able to achieve significant improvements, the most recent of which was on the course. He regained softness and control of his body, a prerequisite for him to be able to play football with his seven year old son, something he dearly wanted. When Per joined his first course in 2003, he was in a wheelchair and the prognosis was bleak.

Another central theme of the course was to never give up. Since we have seen so many good results from practising persistently, we have gradually built up an understanding which helps us to continue practising and to trust the qi-field.

What was also strongly emphasised on the course was the importance of positive thinking. Su Dongyue has in recent years increasingly emphasised how positive thinking is crucial for our lives. We can clearly see that an increasing number of our students have taken this to heart.

Comments about the course

"A very calm and harmonious atmosphere."

"The corrections given by the teachers were good. Many thanks for the warmth and care, both in the spoken and the unspoken."

"I have reached farther into myself and I feel that the process of getting even deeper is well on its way."

"The food was very good!"

"The course has been very harmonious. Calm, warm and safe. Thank you! The new qi regulation was strong but I am happy that the old one is still there, since I feel it gives me so much."

"A great course!"

"I have gained in my trust for the qi-field and now believe that there are no limits on what I can achieve if I work hard! Thank you!!"

"A very good course. The absolutely best one I've joined. We had a great calm, which I bring with me back home. Many thanks to you all!"

"An amazing experience. Now I have finally gained a deeper understanding of what qigong is."

"A very quiet, calm feeling in the course with much love and closeness to others. “Oneness”"

"I was not expecting to meet so many wonderful people. You all surprised me and I have learned much from you. See you next year!"

Pregnant despite endometriosis

”As you can see I have a baby in my belly that is due in November. It almost feels like a miracle that I got pregnant as I have endometriosis, which means blood cysts in the abdomen around the womb that are growing every month. The only thing the doctors can do is to take them away by surgery, which has been done once. One can also get a hormonal treatment to keep the endometriosis under control. I ate hormones 12 years in a row but when I had practised a couple of years I thought: “No, now I want to try without hormones with the help of Zhineng Qigong. If it goes it goes and if it doesn’t it doesn’t.” Last year after I had got married we decided to see what would happen and now a baby is on its way. We are so happy! 

When I came I did not feel well and my pelvis hurt. Before the course I had a lot of work and everything was a bit chaotic since we had to move house. In the middle of it, I got early SPD, which means that the pelvis becomes unstable and is very painful. Sometimes I could not get out of bed. I also had bad blood values and had to go to the emergency room twice due to bleeding, so I was sick listed, but I tried to stay calm by practising qigong and I thought that the summer course will fix this

In the beginning of the course I had to lie down a lot more, but the last couple of days my situation has improved. The pain has disappeared to a large extent and the child has lifted from the pelvis and the weight of the womb does not press down anymore. I have not had any bleedings or any other problems. My belly has grown 7 centimeters in a week and the baby has been really quite. During the cabaret when we listened to the music the baby suddenly started to move, which is very funny as both me and my husband are musicians. Now I hope the remaining part of the pregnancy will be free of problems, I am happy!"

Headache gone

”I started practising in 2006. Since then I do not have headaches any longer. I suffered from chronic headache every day since my teens. This is great and I have a new life.”

Symptom free despite MS

”I suffer from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and a couple of years ago I had a relapse that made me hear everything. That is one of the worst things that I’ve experienced. But it was definitely the qigong training that fixed it. I started to practise due to MS but nowadays I don’t think about the disease in my everyday life. I don’t feel any symptoms because of qigong. This is my tool.

I’ve tried to work on my motivation, not only here but also at home. That’s something that you need every day, not only at the courses. My motivation has been to play football. I think it's really fun. That is one of the things that I’ve missed the most since I fell ill. I have imagined that I would be playing football to motivate myself to practise. Two weeks ago we had some friends visiting. Their son started to play football in the garden and I joined him without thinking. We played for as long as we had energy. My friend, the boy's mother, just stood quiet, watching. Then she exclaimed: I haven’t seen you since you fell ill. Then I remembered that I had been ill.

We also played football in teams during midsummer and that was fantastic. I cried a bit because I was so happy. It's amazing."

Lump on toe disappeared

”I have, or rather had, a lump on my toe that my daughter-in-law said I would have to do something about. My husband said, with some irony, that it would disappear on the qigong course. And it did! So he will be quite surprised. La qi has been easier to practise during this course and the atmosphere is wonderful here."

Calmer, more positive and better breathing

”This is my first summer course and I have practised for about a year. When I came here I was very tired and worn out, a little low. The first days here were very, very, tough, both mentally and physically. I was stiff in my back and shoulders. I always have pain there. I feel that I have made progress, much progress and I can feel that it is good for me. Since I started with qigong I have noticed that I am more confident. Qigong helps me a lot when I am singing. I have problems breathing with my abdomen, which is not optimal for someone who wants to be a good singer. But now I can breathe all the way down to the hips with my whole belly. That is great. I am more positive and can handle stress better. I become easily stressed in an uneasy way. Qigong helps me to handle this."

Free from severe back pain

”I was bedridden and I could not even cut bread because of pain in my back. It all started with my back and pelvis and it spread to the whole system. It just got worse and worse, terrible pain. There were times when I had to crawl to the toilet and to the shower. Two friends of mine made me join a Zhineng Qigong course for beginners. During this first course not much happened, but after I joined the summer course the same year things started to improve very quickly. I have a shoulder that has been dislodged several times that has now fallen into place. I had two vertebrae that were sticking out. During my first summer course I had as a goal during one training session that one of the vertebrae should fall into place and during the next session the second should fall into place. And it happened, just like that. Very strange, just doing these simple exercises and things just fall into place. I am very grateful. There are still things happening in my waist, there are still things in my pelvis and back that need to get better, but I can feel that it is getting better now. 

There are many who ask me how I manage with so much training as I do. Because one has to practise much where there are so many things that are not right. Those who live a normal life and can take a walk, work, vacuum clean, blow dry their hair, go on vacation, go to a café etc without any difficulties, they probably do not understand why I practise so much. But when things like that become a challenge then it is easy to understand why I practise so much. It is just to not have a discussion with oneself in the morning, just do it, just get up and practise. Thanks to everyone who is part of this, because it would not be possible to do this without all of you."

Hepatitis C completely gone

”I have had improvements. The last year has been very good for me in many ways and also very tough in some ways. I have a liver disease, Hepatitis C, which mostly cannot heal. There are heavy medical treatments for it, but it cannot go away completely by itself. During the last summer course I had a strong trust that it would heal and I was working with it. After the summer course it felt as if it had disappeared. And then I almost forgot about it. Last Christmas I did some tests and the disease was completely gone. The doctors were very surprised. It’s good to hear about others’ improvements. You understand that you can get completely well. It’s possible.

I have a pacemaker on my heart. That’s what I’m focusing on now, among other things. In the beginning of the course I felt many things in my heart, physically. And now it has felt very calm so I think it will be good. Thank you, I’m looking forward to another nine days"

Walks straight despite osteoarthritis in hip

”We thought a lot about coming here. Should we go? Should we sleep on mattresses? Should we sleep in a classroom? No, should we really? But we came here and it’s amazing. I have osteoarthritis in my right hip. When I came here I walked crooked as if I were about to fall over to the right. I’m not in pain when I walk, but I have a need to walk that way. Now I think I can get vertical. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Then this exercise against the wall, I thought I would never manage to do that. I tried with Agneta. We held each other but I still couldn’t bend all the way down. I didn’t dare to, because I didn’t believe I could. Then I rested for a day and yesterday I stood by the wall bars with my singing friend. So I said, let's try and let's sing the children’s song about the little snail. And I could squat down! I had to hold on to the bars, but I could squat down. I was fascinated! I have always enjoyed horseback riding. For two years now, I have not been able to ride. My goal is to be able to get back up on a horse. This I see in front of me. They want me to have surgery, because my osteoarthritis is so bad. But this is not my goal. My goal is to get well and after all that I have heard it has to work."

Pain in joints of thirty years almost gone

”This is my last chance to try something because I have had pain in my joints for over thirty years. I have had surgery in many joints and I’m allergic to medicine. So I felt that this was my last chance to maybe get better. I came here with a lump on my right hand. I have had cortisone many times for the pain. Now the pain is almost gone. I think the range of motion in my hand and joints has increased significantly. Thank you!"

Calm and quiet, pain relief

”I think this course has been calm and I think I got a better understanding for the qi-field and for love. I feel calmer and it has given a lot. A couple of years ago I quit work due to pain in my back. I tried to work in a kindergarten but it didn’t work due to my back problems. It hurt a lot. But now I’ve worked for six months in a kindergarten and it has worked perfectly. I’ve practised qigong and my back has improved so much that I don’t have any problems with it anymore."

”This is my first summer course and it has been an amazing experience. This I can tell you. I came here to have peace and calm, to calm down and get more energy as I’m starting my new life in retirement. I retire in a couple of weeks. And it has been successful. I got both peace and calm, and more energy. As a bonus the pain in my leg has improved. I haven’t needed medication at all here. So I’m really satisfied. Thank you so much!"

Rid of pollen allergy

”Physically I was expecting a new body and I think I have got one. I also got rid of my pollen allergy. It feels great not having to be tired or use medicines. Mentally, the way I view life has changed and improved. I got new insights. I did not expect that. Neither did I expect to meet so much love. That is a bonus. Thanks to everybody."

”I started practising qigong because I had problems with my back and neck. The training gave me big improvements, which contributed to a higher quality of life. Now I want to tell about something that happened during this course. A couple of years ago I became allergic to grass, especially around midsummer. My eyes started to itch and I had a runny nose. I take over-the-counter medicines but they have a number of adverse effects like drowsiness. Last Monday, at the first lecture, I started to itch and I took a pill. The day after it itched slightly but not so much and I decided to try without the medicines. After that did not need to take the pills and I have felt fine during the whole course. I hope it will stay that way. Thanks a lot!"

No longer suffers from migraine

”I started to practice ten years ago and the biggest difference is that I do not suffer from migraine any longer, and that I can carry my food home from the store instead of having to use a car or a bike. I can walk. The thing I most thankful for is that I can relax. Before I didn't understand what relaxation was. To be able to raise the arm without tension in the shoulder is good." 

Arrhythmia, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance gone

”When I was five, my shoulder was dislocated. When the doctor tried to pull it back in place, it ended up askew, which led to a squashed rib, a squashed lung, cardiac arrhythmia, and palpitations. In 2005 I was pregnant, but during the pregnancy, the foetus died. I had pulmonary oedema, and the lung was completely clogged. I was rushed to intensive care and was rescued in the last second. Today my lactose intolerance is gone, my gluten intolerance is gone, my lung has recovered completely, the grief is gone from my heart, the arch of my foot has been formed, my eyesight is better. I'm more symmetrical and lighter. Thank you!"


Su Dongyue