Hold Qi up Norwich [2013-05-11]

May and this springs course in Norwich with many beginners that was eager to learn about Zhineng Qigong and the exercise Hold Qi Up and La Qi. Many of them have been wanted to join a course for a long time and now they finally could do the course.

Some comments from the participants:

Life changing

"My practise has slipped in the last couple of months so this course has been a good refresher and is a springboard for me to get back to daily practise. Zhineng Qigong has been life changing for me."

Learned about myself

"I have been looking for something to calm me down, to regulate med. I have some health difficulties so I am going to give qigong a try. I have found things out about myself this weekend."

"I live next door to two persons who have been practising qigong for a long time and have often been told about courses and have been jealous of their practise for a while. I have loved and hated the experience this weekend. I have loved watching and also loved some brief moments when I have been learning. I have learned about my own resistance. It has been a lovely experience and I am very happy that I came. Thank you!"

Qigong keeps me centred and balanced

"It is lovely to come back to a course. I learn something new every time. Qigong brings something powerful to me. If I stop I feel different. We are all on a journey-the benefits are not immediate. It keeps me centred and balanced."

"I have practised a different qigong form over the years. I have always been interested in energy work. I feel I have come home when I came here – last night I felt really balanced. It's been a fabulous weekend."

"Thank you – I feel privileged to be here. I don't practise a great deal at home but when I do, I find it calming and grounding. Good luck to the new people."

It will be rewarding

"This is my first experience of qigong and I have been struggling a bit. I have found areas I need to work on. It is hard but I think it will be rewarding."

Wanted to join a course for a long time

"This is my first weekend and I have wanted to come for ages. I have health issues-I feel like a bag of scrabble pieces and want to come into order. If it helps with my fatigue and balance it will be very, very good."

I sleep better and I am more supple

"Since the 4 days residential qigong course in February qigong has gone deeper. I practise regularly every evening which helps me sleep well. I am more supple. I have not wanted to question qigong- I just experience it. I enjoy it, I feel the qi. If I am tired it's a good time to practise. When I began with qigong I used the space to work things out and resolve things in my mind. Now I think less and listen to Dongyue Su. I can get high as a kite!!"

Qigong really helps

"Thinking back I realise that at the beginning I was overwhelmed physically and on other levels by the practise. But regular practise and practising with the group has really helped. Onward and upward!"

I like the nature of qigong

"My body is confused - the rules have changed but it feels good! Last night it felt as if I had really exercised. I like the flexible flowing nature of qigong."

"A friend introduced me to qigong. I have seen big changes in her, remarkable changes. I have some health problems and she encouraged me to come. I was unsure about qigong for me but it has gone in. I find it beautiful, elegant and dance like. I think I will continue and want to do the summer course."

Peace of mind

"I am happy to see so many newcomers and I wish them good luck for their practise. For me qigong has helped me very much. Before I started with qigong I did not understand what peace of mind was. Do give it a go and thank you!"

The pain goes away and qigong gives me hope

"I have seen the changes that have happened to my mother since she started with qigong and they are remarkable. I did my first course 6 years ago. In the beginning I found it hard and painful but I practised for 18 month. Now I am back with qigong and I practise every night with my sister. If I have aches and pains in the day I practise and they go away. Qigong helps me to have faith in the future – that the father for my babies is out there, what I need will be there for me."

I felt joy

"I did my first course 3 years ago. I was looking for something physical to complement the personal development work that I do. When I began qigong my body went 'Oh Yes'. At the beginning my hands could not go further than my knees – now I am much nearer my feet. I have had two car accidents, one before I began qigong. After the second one I could still do qigong so there was less damage. I am glad to be here. I have felt in the flow and a surge of joy, it is very beautiful."


Fatima Ringvall