Hold Qi up Stockholm [2013-04-20]

In Birkagårdens fine training hall we held the spring course of Hold qi up. The place is quiet and suited our needs well. Participants in this course enjoyed working there and the feeling of qi was strong.

From the partcipants comments

Stomach pains

"It has been a good and very nice course. I have a lot of problems with pain especially in the stomach. I had a little pain early on the last day of the course, but I felt nothing during the whole course and that has been fantastic."

Personal stories in the homepage

"I've been practicing for 5 years. My personal story is on the website. I recommend everyone to read it and the other personal stories that are there. When I was hesitant to start practicing qigong I read personal stories on the website and it gave me the conviction I needed to want to try qigong."


"I try to join as many of the courses as I can because qigong gives me so much. Energy, tranquility, concentration, and I can sleep less and better. Very good. I recommend everyone to join the going summer. Qigong is a lifestyle for me."


"I'm glad I've had qigong this fall. I have been a project manager for a project at school and thanks to qigong, I have been able to cope with stress, conflict and could let go of things faster and easier. I do handle stress better."

Extremely calm

"This is my first course and I'm really happy with the course. I feel extremely calm. The course has been easier than I thought and time has gone faster than I thought."

Problem with joints, mental

"I had problems with my joints when I started but they're as good as gone now. For me the most important part has been the mental. To have a stable platform to stand on, to have the strength and serenity. Qigong is a great treasure."

Mental strength

"Today I am celebrating my 1 year anniversary with qigong. A year ago I went to my first course. What I mainly got from qigong this year is a mental strength. It is of great value to me."

Back problems

"I have trained for a year and a half. I started because of increasing pain in the back that I've had for 8 years. It's still there but I no longer have the most unpleasant pain and the pain does not get any worse."


Lars Hagner