Hold Qi up Wedel [2013-04-13]

We have had our second course in Wedel outside of Hamburg. Some from our last course here repeated the course now, both to be in the strong qifield and to improve their movements and by that way even get better results. They could also share their experience with the new participants.

The beginners where curious and with great interest they learned La Qi and Hold Qi Up.

Some comments from the participants:

The course helps me to start to practise again

"Thank you for the possibility to come back and get more input and to learn the movements again. After my first course I practised every day for the first two month, but then Christmas came and it got less and less and I got angry with myself. But now this course helps me to go home and start to practise every day again. Qigong have done very good things for me."

My mind is clearer; I sleep better and am more relaxed

"It is so good to come back and learn it all again. I have been practising almost every morning since the last course, even if I have went on a trip I have been taking my CD with me and practised at the hotel room. I get reenergized an sleeps much better now. I have found a better feeling of myself, what I can do or not do. I am clearer, have a stronger will and am much more relaxed. It has been good to get the movements corrected. It feels like I can't live without doing qigong!"

Better sleep

"After the last weekend course I noticed that I slept much better and even if I had not practised since then I wanted to come back and do the course again."

"I hope that I can keep on practising, I really want to do that. I notice that qigong makes me more relaxed and I could really sleep good last night."

"I slept well last night and felt exhausted in the body but in a good way. It has been a nice experience to join the course."

Mind calm

"I had no experience of qigong and I am glad that I could join. Yesterday evening after my first day I noticed that my mind was calmer. When I am trying to relax I find that it works quite well with the upper body but it is harder to relax the hips and legs. I have been working with that during the course and today after lunch it went much better. Now I am looking forward to practise and I think that qigong will do me good."

"I like Zhineng Qigong! I was surprised that my shoulders were so stiff, but I think that with practise they will be better. I hope that I will be able to practise with my husband who also joined the course. It has been a good course for me, my body feels more relaxed and the mind clear."

More energy

"I liked the course a lot. It has been such good atmosphere. It has been good for me to focus more on the details and I have learned a lot during the course. Yesterday I got pain between the shoulders but today it feels much better and tomorrow I think it will all be gone. After the summercourse I have had much more energy and it is easier to fill myself up again with energy."


Fatima Ringvall