Shenxin Qigong Vasa [2013-04-06]

The weekend after Easter, we arranged a course in Shenxin Qigong for the first time in Ostrobothnia. During the eight years we have been active in Vasa and Korsholm, we have arranged courses in Hold Qi Up there every semester, and there is a group who practises together weekly in Vasa. After this course, they can add Shenxin Qigong to their agenda.

For most of the participants, Shenxin Qigong was a new acquaintance. Many of them have practised Hold Qi Up for many years and were eager to learn something new. They were not disappointed. Both Shenxin Qigong and Snake Arm turned out to be good new friends. Many could immediately feel that the exercises are very effective and they had good results already during the course. Among the results they could list calm, softness of the body, freedom from pain, energy, motivation to practice and heightened spirits.

Read an excerpt from the participants' own comments about the course below.

Less pain, more energetic, softer and more flexible

"I have practised qigong for eight years. Since I started practising, my body is much softer and more flexible and I have less pain. I used to take a lot of pain medication before."

Vasa SXQ 2013

"This has been a positive course. I felt energetic yesterday when I came home. I also joined the Hold Qi Up course two weeks ago and this gave me a boost. Since I started practising Qigong, my flexibility has improved."

Numbness of the arms improved

"I have enjoyed this form of practice. The lymphatic nodes in my arms have been surgically removed, and my arms have been numb. That has improved with this exercise. I will try to start practising Shenxin now."

Tension in the neck released

"I was not at all motivate to join this course. I have practised Qigong for only 18 months and I thought I don't have the energy to start something new. But then I thought I'd give it a try anyway. For some time the upper part of my neck has been tense; a tension which I could not get rid of with Hold Qi Up. That tension has released during this weekend. I am happy that I decided to join the course."

"For some time I have suffered from a stiff neck and dizziness. I have felt like I couldn't really think well. I have also had physiotherapy for this problem. When we practised snake arm I felt something release."


"Today I feel better and softer."

Postpartum depression better with Shenxin

"This is my third Shenxin course. I think the corrections are really good, there is always something to im-prove. I like Shenxin. I suffered from postpartum depression and I feel Shenxin has helped me signifi-cantly with that. I'm in better spirits and softer. I quickly notice improvements if I practise Shenxin when I feel a bit blue. Shenxin is a good support for me."

Less tired

"Two years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatism, I have Sjögren's syndrome. I feel enormously tired, pain in my body and my connective tissue. I notice that qigong relieves the tiredness. I'm satisfied with this course."

Improved concentration

"This is my first qigong course. It has been really exciting and inspiring. I also want to join a course in Hold Qi Up. I felt something happen in my body yesterday. I work as a dancer. I normally have problems concentrating on just one thing at a time. I do a hundred different things simultaneously. Yesterday I felt that I could concentrate better. I feel like this form of practice will help my concentration."

Avoid colds

"I practise every day to stay healthy. My kind of job is one where you cannot get ill. I never have a fever or the flu any longer. Before if someone was ill, I would also fall ill, almost like out of commiseration. I think I have not caught colds of fevers because I practise qigong. If I start fo feel under the weather I just practise more. I have suffered from indigestion and around Christmas I started taking all sorts of medica-ments. But then I stopped and started practising instead. I also practise if I feel worried or nauseous. I like to practise both Hold Qi Up and Shenxin. When I practise Shenxin my stomach often gurgles. When we practised Snake Arm during the course I felt something good happening in my shoulders."

Shenxin feels easy to practise

"I am satisfied with the course. I feel like I like Shenxin more than I like Hold Qi Up. I have not practised diligently, but I have attended the Monday group. I will now try to start practising Shenxin, it feels easier than Hold Qi Up. One just has to decide to practise."


Jeanette Heidenberg