Autumncourse HQU (4d) Norwich [2013-02-07]

We have had our first 4 days course in the UK, like a little mini summer course. A chance for the participants to have a try on how it could be on our summer courses. One step to "dare" to go to a longer course in Sweden. It was the first time to join a longer course for most of the participants and we also had people joining from Sweden and Denmark.

The course was held out on the countryside in Suffolk at Iken Barns. We where surrounded by a beautiful landscape with a river that shifted between low and high tide and enclosed pasture with horses.

On the course there where many that experienced that they got good results from the course, 87 % thought that their level of energy improved, 67 % that their physical status improved and 67 % that their level of concentration improved.

It was much appreciated to spend 4 days together with common practising and meals. As someone said the last day –"I want to stay here because it has been so nice on the course."

Some comments from the participants:

Said about the atmosphere on the course:

"Wonderful course, it could not have been better."

"No words are enough for the generosity and the feeling of the course."

"Thanks for the organisation and the encouragement."

"Fantastic course and perfect accommodation."

"It has been wonderful to go in to the training hall and stand beside all the friendly people."

More energy and a feeling of well being

"It has been good energy and I wish the course would be longer. It is a good feeling and rhythm in the body and discomforts gets managed. When I started with qigong I was a bit of a professional hypochondriac, always concerned about getting older. Qigong gives me hope that there is more than just fading back. I have more energy now and a bigger feeling of wellbeing. I have met my difficulties during these days but I have been able to handle it. I think we should have a retirement home where we all could practise qigong. We could get a good death out of that."

Norwich 4-days 2103

A strong qifield

"Before I came here I had got out of the habit of doing qigong. Life had been hectic with taking care of puppies. I arrived in a crisis, not sure where I was going. Getting here and relaxing in to it has been good. I have been unwell while here but if I'd been at home I would have been 10 times worse. The qifield has been very strong. I have wanted to have this course here; it is a step forward for us in the UK."

"This has been amazing. Before this I had been to summer course three times so I was interested in how the qifield would be. I found it very good. I managed to do Hold Qi Up with more repeats and found that it transformed the exercise to something even better."

"I really enjoyed myself. I was amazed when I saw the programme and how much qigong we where going to do. Even when it felt uncomfortable it was amazing! I am so pleased to have done the armtraining. It has been lovely to be with you all. We have kept ourselves centred on qigong. I would like to thank everyone for that centering. I feel I understand about the qifield a bit more now. Having the practice room and coming back and back-that has sustained me."

I have manage the practising better

"My daily practise fell away some years ago because of my health problems. In November, my anxiety got much worse and I started with qigong again. I am going to continue to practise and I am looking forward to going back to work in two years time, perhaps before. I did the La Qi which I have not done before. Some of the pain has reduced. Thank you for a very good course, the organization and all encouragement."

"It has been quite hard work but today when we did Hold Qi Up with more repeats I managed it without problems and it feels a lot better now."

"The four days have been good. I am recovering from serious illness and am able to use qigong. When I get the dreads I can observe them, let them be there. Doing qigong mentally is really helpful. No words are enough for the generosity and the spirit on the course."

"It has not been easy but there was a fantastic flow in the practising. I have been able to put my feet closer to each other than earlier. Thanks to everyone."

Good relationship

"This has been my first course in the UK. I found that Hold Qi Up was flowing easily. It is rewarding to know there is a progression, still something to be corrected. There are always details to be tweaked, room for improvement. It has been lovely meeting you all."

"I have been looking forward to this course. I like that qigong puts together body and mind. I feel so relaxed, calm and satisfied. Up to now I have been practising intermittently so this could be a good start for me. It is an investment in life. I have started to think about my goals with the practising and that is a help for me. I have felt so welcomed; it has been a pleasure to meet you all. It has been a good feeling to step in to the practising hall and all the common rooms."

Feel that the practise is good for me

"I am relatively new to qigong but ever since I did my first course I have felt intuitively that the practise is good for me, that it gets to parts that other things do not reach. My path is about integration and qigong is part of my resource, my seeking for inner wisdom. My experience of the course is extremely positive, with a wonderful set up, location, organization and atmosphere."

Qigong has a great influence on my mind

"I am happy to have the opportunity to be here. I have had strong effects and reactions during the course which eventually went away. La Qi has been easier to practise- before, I did avoid it. I am interested in the teaching, hoe to practise, the qifield etc. I think about the purpose of life and direction. Qigong has a great influence on my mind. Armtraining felt different, it feels more effective."

I have not lost the feeling in my arms during the night

"I am so happy to be here and do not want it to end. How can we take it with us home? My first goal is to get my arms better as I use them a lot in my work. For two nights I have not lost the feeling in my arms when I wake and a barely have no pain. It is lovely in the practise room in the evening. La Qi-I used not to like it-now it feels to short! Corrections have been good and I still find new things. It has been a wonderful course. It could not have been better."

I feel stronger and more balanced in the body

"Thanks to everyone, for organising, teaching and everyone for coming. The last weekend course in November was like a new start for me, there was like a shift for me with qigong. Since last November we have started a small practise group in Norwich where I live. The CD is like a friend to me. This course, I feel I am just starting, it has been physically tuff but I feel I don't have to worry about that, its qi taking care of me. I love having the goals, I know what I want, not to feel ill, sad and in pain. I feel stronger and rebalanced. I want to stay here and I feel stronger from qigong after these four days."

Recovering from neck operation has vastly improved

Wonderful course and excellent location. I have experienced more qi here than ever before, especially because of the intensity of the daily performances and I have suffered from "happy pain" and are grateful for that. My conditions, recovering from neck operation, have vastly improved. Thank you so much to Zhineng Qigong, I am very grateful."

My infection disappeared

"Life was really hectic before the course and I felt tired and had an infection. The night before the course the infection seemed quite a lot worse. The next day it was gone. Throughout the course I haven't slept so much during the night but now I feel full of energy and really well."


Fatima Ringvall