Hold Qi up Myre [2013-02-23]

"Zhineng Qigong is my practice, my food".

A network of women attended this weekend course for the first time. Some others were repeating the course. The contact person in Myre will arrange a regular, weekly group training to follow up the results from the Hold Qi up practice. The aim is to get more energy – fast, and to use the energy properly.

Course participants' comments

Like a magnetic field

"I did not know much about this course, and had no expectations. I want to have more energy in my everyday life. I suffer from a headache because of tensions in my neck. This evening I felt a tingling and warmth in my arms. La Qi was like a magnetic field. Today I impressed myself. I was surprised that I managed to stand straight so long. I want to go on practising. During the 'Lotus flower' movement, my mind was opening. It was beautiful."

The back pain suddenly disappeared

"I gained so much energy from the last weekend course, and I keep it up practising Zhineng Qigong. I have a hip-and back problem. During one section I felt as if a tap was opening - and water flowing down the inside of my back. Then the pain suddenly disappeared. After the Qiregulation I was very concentrated. I just wanted to go on standing. I appreciate that everybody lent a hand to arrange this weekend course. We actually got to know each other in a new way this weekend."

Myre HQU February 2013

Achilles tendon problems disappeared

"I attended this course because I work as a full time nurse. I have problems with my Achilles tendon. Using a kick sledge at work has not been good for my heel. This weekend I actually forgot I had a problem there. Last night I slept well. Now I can actually stand straight."

To make choices

"I want to make better choices, and to stand for them. I live a hectic life. After the last section I remembered the whole Hold Qi Up practice."

Developing my writing skills

"All these movements have made me so happy. I signed on to this course without any advanced knowledge. I need to calm down during my hectic everyday life, to gather and keep my energy. I have replaced both my hip joints. After this weekend course I can control my hip movements better. This weekend I suddenly noticed a full saliva production. I would like to develop my ability to write and tell stories. I will therefore practise Zhineng Qigong. To me – Zhineng Qigong is a Diamond."

The need for nicotine disappeared

"I attended this weekend course with an open mind, expecting to join a method with good traditions. The Zhineng Qigong movements are so beautiful, so aestetic. I have been continuously dependant on nicotine (snuff), also at night. During the course I have not felt the need. This practice is good for me, especially for coping with my various health problems. Yesterday I was very happy. I need Zhineng Qigong to be healthier."

Calmness and concentration

"It was good repeating the course and to correct each other. It is important to practise here together. The body regulation energizes me and keeps me calm. The greatest gain is the concentration. I recommend everyone to go on pracising and to join several Zhineng Qigong courses. This is my practice, my food."


Ingrid Tidemann