Hold Qi up Trondheim [2013-02-09]

All course participants on the weekend course had different base. They had, however, the same objective: To learn and practise Zhineng Qigong in the Qifield to get more energy, to develop their abilities, to understand more.

Course participants' comments

Swollen finger recovering

"I suffer from psoriatic arthritis. My little finger was red and swollen. Now the swelling has decreased and my finger is much better. My wrists are now more supple. I have met many nice people here."

Positively surprised

"I was positively surprised by the precision level of the course. I will continue this practice."

Less pain

"I have arthritis. My wrists hurt, however, today they are much better. I have less pain now."

A substitute for smoking

"This course is a substitute for smoking. Yesterday I gained much energy. I had a cold. Now it is gone."

Standing more steady

"I have pelvis problems, and one of my legs is shorter. Now I manage to stand steadier, and to straighten out my back better. I have been practising Zhineng Qigong for several years now. Even if people close to me are sick I do not get infected."

2013-02-09 HQU Trondheim

Arms and shoulders better

"My shoulders and arms felt better yesterday. My blood circulation is better now."

Better immune defense

"The course has had good effect. I have got more energy; so yesterday I baked buns. My immune defense has become stronger."

Washing the heater late Saturday night

"To me it was good to be practising again. It was also very relaxing to practise a section so thoroughly, feeling completely calm and energized. So late Saturday I started washing the kitchen stove, which I have never done on a Saturday night before. I look forward to travel less at work, being able to participate in the weekly group practice."

Recovering fast from an allergic reaction

"I am very allergic to nuts. Yesterday evening I ate a nut, and I got a strong allergic reaction. This morning I was very sick, and I would stay at home. I went, however, to the course, and in the Qifield I regained my energy fast."


"I am suffering from insomnia. Last night I slept well and long. I now manage to be more present during the practice; not 'spacing out' as I use to."

More focused

"I am repeating this course. This time I could focus differently. By good corrections I can improve the movements. Since the last course my immune defence has improved. Earlier, I often got a cold. Now I have been well."

Will continue practising

"Jag kommer att delta på kvällsträningarna".

Practising to avoid unnecessary problems

"I have been practising Zhineng Qigong for several years, and my immune defense is good. I have not had a flu for years. Recently, for a period, I stopped practising. Then I realized that this was asking for unnecessary trouble. So now I practice again. I want to go on practising Zhineng Qigong. My 8 year old grandchild recently told me: 'Grandma, you are so vital. Grandma, you are immortal'."


Ingrid Tidemann