Hold Qi up Stockholm [2013-02-09]

The first Hold qi up course this year in Stockholm was met as usual by both experienced participants and beginners. Together we had two lovely and strong training days, with education and practicing. The qi-field were noticeable strong. Those with more experience of Zhineng Qigong contributed strongly to the positive experience the beginners got of the method.

From the partcipants comments


"I have due to problems with my right leg. Yesterday it was very sluggish and heavy, but I decided to keep strugling on. Now it feels completely different in the leg. I am much better.I have already decided to go to a summer course and see for if that makes any difference. If so I will not operate my the leg."

Best there is

"I'm here because I think this is the best there is."

More alert

"I was almost on the way out the door even before came here because I did not think I would be able to stand still for so long, but it has exceeded all expectations, it has not been a problem at all, instead I have become much more alert."

Better sleep and improved blood pressure

"I've been practicing for six months, I practiced every day. When I first decided to do it everyday it turned out to be very easy. after six months I sleep alot better and my blood pressure has improved."

Pains, constipation, hearing

"Whenever I get pains or problems with constipation I practice and it help with the problems. Before I started practicing, I was burnt out and during that period I lost half of my hearing, but now when I practice, I can sometimes hear a whizzing sound in my ear and then I notice that my hearing is on it's way back."

Relaxation, harmony,concentration

"The training helps me to relax mentally, I'm more harmonious and have a higher ability to focus."

Back pain

"I have practised for one year. Before I started to practise I had back pain with increasing intensity for seven years. It was hard to sleep, to handle work and everyday things. I became much better after I started to practise qigong."


"Very nice course. I feel comfortable. I had problems with my back and hips. I'm straighter now, I noticed that when we correct each other. I can lift my arms without them getting numb."


"I have practised for ten months. I got the diagnosis fibromyalgia. That causes for example pain, problems sleeping and tiredness. This training is all you need both mentally and physically."

Soft body, energy

"I tend to forget how bad I felt before I started to practise. I keep my body soft and get energy with the training. I can keep my health despite my age. The mental and social side of training is important."

Fantastic results

"I have practised for five years and I got fantastic results both mentally and physically."

Stress, tension

"I can keep stress and tensions away from me. In the beginning I had severe problems relaxing the muscles in my neck. I got the ability to relax that part now."


Lars Hagner