HQU 2 Nybro [2012-11-24]

There are plenty of people practising regularly in Nybro/Kalmar. Great results inspire the new students to practise our qigong school and get the results they want. Many of the participants commented they could feel the qi field getting stronger.

Comments from the participants:

Good Feeling

"I have participated on many courses. I recently moved to a new town for a new employment. I don't like these kind of changes, but the course make me feel very good and I got a lot of energy."

Problems that decrease

"I have some problems with my stomach and back. When I don't practise the problems increase and they decrease when I practise regularly."

Mental training

"I started to practise due to migraine. It has helped me a lot. I tend to forget the problems I had. The bonus is the mental training. During this course I felt strong qi and concentration from everybody."


"I have participated on many courses. Every course fells better then the previous. I want to thank both of you for a great job sharing your experience. It feels great. This was a boost."


"I have practised for two years I think it's good that you can practise anytime, even when you are sick and whenever it suits you. The greatest benefit for me is that I get much more alert. I'm very great full for that."

Control and Stress

"I use qigong to handle stress and get better mental control."

Internal Organs

"As soon as I came in to the training hall I could feel how qi started working in my chest. I have not felt like that before. I felt how qi was working with my internal organs during the course. Great course, I'm grateful the course took place."

Strong Course

"I have practised for a couple of years. I participated on this year's summer course. It was an overwhelming experience. I practise because I want to handle my life situation and I have pain here and there in my body. Mostly for the mental control. It has helped a lot. As soon I came in the hall I could feel how strong the qi field was. I have never experienced a weekend course that strong before."


Johannes Nordgaard