HQU 2 Stockholm [2012-12-01]

This autumn's Hold Qi Up-2 course i Stockholm was characterized by a strong qi field, plenty of time to practise and a very calm atmosphere.

Comments from the course:


"Very nice course. I focused on making my body straight and relax at the same time. When I do the exercises I feel how qi is working in my body. Thanks for a great course."

Great Feeling

"I started to practise this autumn. It feels really good. I don't have any serious problems with my body, but I do have an old injury in my left arm. I have broken my wrist a couple of times, which locked my arm in a special way. I believe the arm will recover."

"I practise because it makes me feel good. It's easier to handle tough situations when you have qigong. It's good to practise on that."

"Courses nowadays pass so much faster compared to a couple of years ago. The feeling is nice, calm and lovely. Very good, I also like qigong very much."

"I participated in my first course in September this year. I promised myself I would practise every day, and I have done that. I'm usually depressed when it gets darker but this autumn I haven't been depressed at all. It's dark when I go to work and it's dark when I go home but who cares? I was surprised of that result. I felt well taken care of on the course."

"This has been a very peaceful and comfortable course. I feel calm."

Shoulders Pain

"The reason why I have heavy pain in my right shoulder is osteoarthritis. The pain decreased much during the course. I can use my right arm in a totally different way compared to yesterday morning. It has been a very calm course."

Calm Course

"Very good course. A good pedagogical structure and a calm atmosphere. I got great corrections."

Handle the Darkness

"Very good course. Nice to practise a lot. Good corrections. To practise makes it easier to handle the dark months. I like qigong."


Johannes Nordgaard