Summer course training Stockholm [2013-01-02]

Our traditional summer course practice, formerly known as the 4-Day course,was held this year in Stockholm. The course was renamed because last year, when we added a fifth day where we practice and correct Xing Shen Zhuang. As usual, it was an excellent start to the new year, a great deal of practicing in our very strong qifiekd, many dear reunions and a warm, happy and positive mood.

Dongyue Su began the course with a short lecture and gave a Qi regulation. Then practicing and corrections filles the days as the hours passed and the sessions was filled with stillness and harmony.

On the fifth day, we devoted to Xing Shen Zhuang and we placed a strong emphasis on the correction of this exercise. Since the exercise is fairly new to us the need for instruction and correction is greater. Thanks to the participation that day many will now continue to practice Xing Shen Xhuang with much higher quality.

From the partcipants comments

Recharge the batteries

"It's great to have the opportunity to recharge the batteries now that it is at it's darkest and when people often is tired. Thank you, nice that everyone come here."

"I've had a hard autumn and I promised myself that I would come here and now I feel I have got my nose above the surface, and now I have to keep practicing to make sure I do not end up at the same place I was again."

"I have had a tough autumn and I needed to come here and get a refill."

"I really needed this course. Before the course I was like a dried out plant, now I got some nourishment."

"Thanks for the course. I had an extremely hectic autumn, under these circumstances the course have been very good for me."

The Qifield

"A very nice feeling. Qi starts to work as soon as I come in to the qi field."


"I have always given of an appearance of being confident and capable, but I have had a very weak self-confidence, but all the love and all the happy people I meet here at the courses have given me so much and I have a feeling of confidence and I do not care so much about what others think of me. It's absolutely fantastic."


"I have practiced qigong for 11 years, but I still so much room for improvement, that's whats so nice with corrections, thanks for the great correction."

"Really good course. I like that we have been practice so much. It is so nice that you get corrections, I still have so much to learn."

"I'm very pleased. The course has been surprisingly strong. I got great corrections."


"I am very grateful. I have had difficulty getting time to practice now that I have become a mother of two. But what I noticed is that when I get the time to practice, I feel a strong gratitude and practicing is really nice."

"I am very happy that I got to be here these 4 days."


"Really nice course, I've never been so relaxed before as I am today."


"It has been established that I have received Borelia, but qigong training has kept the disease of in check so I have not had any symptoms from it."

Mental strength

"It's great to have the opportunity to recharge the batteries now that it is at it's darkest and when people often is tired. Thank you, nice that everyone come here."

Harmony and energy

"I got what I wanted to get. The feeling is very harmonious. I feel full of energy. Thanks for a great course."


"A very good course. Thanks for the lectures and for the deeper understanding it gave me. I feel there is power inside of me. I try to practise qigong in my every day life."

"I have a nice feeling in my body. I found new muscles in my hips that became more relaxed. I hurt my knee some time ago. Due to that my legs get stiff when I stands up for longer periods of time. During the course I haven't been stiff at all. I like the social part of being on a course."


Lars Hagner