Hold Qi up Vasa [2012-10-27]

In Ostrobothnia, this autumn's course in Hold Qi Up in Korsholm was set to a backdrop of sunny winter weather with yellow leaves on new snow. The course had gathered participants from many different places, curious beginners as well as old qigong lovers who wanted to polish their movements and gather energy before the winter. The ambiance was calm and focussed and the participants were active and satisfied. Below follow some comments:


"I could only participate in one day of the course, which feels like half a course. But I wanted to come anyway, because the Autumn Course last week gave me such a good push forward. Now I want to practise a lot. I always get help from qigong when I need it. Overall I have a greater calm. I used to get colds and be ill a lot before. Now I don't any longer. This is a great improvement for me. I also used to have problems sleeping, which I don't any more today."

"It is all new to me. I feel it has been calm and pleasant. I like the calm, the quiet, doing the same movements."

Vasa 121027

"This weekend course has been really nice. I feel like I have really charged my batteries."

Better back, tennis elbow cured

"So much good has happened during the years that I have practised qigong. For over 10 years I suffered from a chronic tennis elbow. I had surgery twice and I have taken much pain medication. Nowadays I rarely do. My back is also straighter. When I started practising I had swayback and vulture neck. In a routine check-up it turned out that I am now two centimetres longer."

"Qigong is the best tool there is. I have problems with my back and I practise every day. My back is much better. I also used to have a tennis elbow, but I had almost forgotten about it."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm