Hold Qi up Hangö [2012-09-01]

Our first Finnish course in The western part of the Nyland region was held on September 1-2. We have arranged courses in bilingual Hangö twice a year for some time. There is also a Swedish speaking weekly practice group in Hangö. After this course the group is now bilingual.

Since the participants who had travelled the farthest came all the way from Paris, and since we also had other participants from different parts of Finland, this basic course can be said to have been quite international.

Many of the participants were beginners, but many had also come to repeat things they had already learned and at the same time enjoy the qi field. For some participants, the course was also a language course, since their mother tongue was something other than Finnish. Maybe they picked up a few new words in Finnish along the way.

Below follow some of the participants' own comments.

Eating disorder healed

"I have practised qigong for ten years. I used to have an eating disorder, which was healed with the help of qigong and the exercises give me more energy."

Feel better

"When I practise, I feel better on all levels in my life."

Better balance

"I have practised for five years. My balance keeps improving all the time. I participate in courses whenever I can. I practise every day. I want to say to you all: keep practising."

Headache and problems in shoulders and neck disappeared

"I used to have problems in my shoulders and neck. I also used to suffer from frequent headaches. All of that is history now. I also get mental calm and energy through qigong."

Better posture, calmer

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to practise all weekend. It is good to be reminded of the correct movements. I have improved by practising, my posture is much better and I am calmer."


"This is my first course. Qigong is so much more fun that I had expected after watching my mother practise."

Back and pollen allergy cured, happier

"I have practised for some years. I started because of my back problems, and was quickly helped. Then my pollen allergy disappeared. The most important thing is still how qigong affects my mind, qigong makes me happier."

Progress in life

"I want to be in the qi field, that's how I progress in life. It has been good to be here, joining a course in both qigong and Finnish."


"I heard about the major changes an acquaintance of mine experienced after taking up qigong, and that is why I joined this course. Thank you, thank you, thank you. After this I will start practising with confidence. I need this to get strength in my current circumstances."

Muscles are growing back

"I have practised for three years. I suffer from a muscle disease, and I should really be in a wheelchair or even dead now. Instead my muscles have started to grow back. I have also had many more benefits. My digestion is improved, my tinnitus is better and so many other positive things have happened. In this year's summer courses I could get down on the floor by myself and I accidentally walked without my cane. Qigong is also good for the mind, I am much calmer than before."


"I came here out of curiosity. I plan to continue. Now I feel good and relaxed."

Helped with knee problems, influenza and allergy

"I love qigong. I get calm, and I'm not normally this relaxed. I have had problems with my knees, with influenza and allergies, all of which are now better. Nowadays I rarely need allergy medicine.

Practising feels good

"I don't want to give this up, not at any price. I don't miss group practice if I can help it. The feeling of wellbeing that I get from practising and being in the qi field makes it so that I don't have to force myself to practise, I feel an urge."

Course report in Finnish / Suomenkielinen kurssiraportti


Jeanette Heidenberg