Hold Qi up Karis [2012-10-06]

European Zhineng Qigong has many active practice groups and a large offer of courses in the Western Nyland region of Finland. There is a constant inflow of new participants and many of those who have practised for some time also participate in the neighbouring counties' courses. This autumn's weekend course in Karis gathered people from many directions. The ambiance was calm and focussed and the participants were motivated. Below follow some comments:

Good sleep

"It has been inspiring to join another Hold Qi Up course. I have had many insights, slept really well and I feel full of energy."

Karis 121006 a

Better balance

"I am happy that I came. It has been interesting and I plan to continue. My balance improved during the course. Towards the end I could stand with my eyes closed."

Reduced back problems

"During the past year I have started to enjoy practising much more. I have practised for two and a half years. I had many problems with my back when I started. I still have some problems, but not much. Now I can even relax when standing. I feel like my legs are now of equal length, as if my weight is distributed evenly on both feet."

Practising qigong always helps

"It has been three years since my first basic course in Hold Qi Up. At first I didn't practise much, but after my first summer course I started to practise daily and since my second summer course, my goal has been to practise for two hours every day. It was interesting to increase the amount of practice. Sometimes it has felt tough, but it has also brought with it clear improvements. I have many physical problems to deal with. After yesterday something opened up again and my sleep was deep and good all night. I know that I can trust Zhineng Qigong. Practising always helps. This weekend I dared to use flat shoes for the first time. My left foot already is completely flat on the floor. It feels like a little improvement. It has been good to be here."

Karis 121006b

Mental support

"I started practising qigong nine years ago because of my back problems. They disappeared after a couple of years. My first summer course was an important turning point. Not until then did I understand just HOW much qigong can give me. Until then I thought it was all about my back and freedom of movement, and that I would take care of my mental side in other ways. Then I understood that I can get all I need through qigong. During the last time I have been through a tough process, but I am now on my way to healing completely and I have been able to reduce the dosage. Practising qigong has been an important support."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm