Hold Qi up Wedel [2012-10-27]

Then we have had our first course under European Zhineng Qigong's management in Germany. The course was held in a little town outside Hamburg called Wedel. The course took part thanks to two persons who joined this year's summer course in Nossebro in Sweden, and then they wished us to come to do a basic course in their hometown.

For most people in the course everything was new with Zhineng Qigong, and there were a curious and positive atmosphere and all where eager to learn the exercise. There are expectations to start a practising group after the course that can meet regularly to be able to support each other in the continuous qigong practise.

Some comments from participants:

I feel very relaxed

"It was quite exiting to help to organize the first course here in Wedel and the weeks before the course where very intensive. Everything has gone so smooth and nice and I am surprised about that. I feel very relaxed now. I hope we can do another course here this spring and I wish we get a practising group together now afterwards."

"I felt comfortable here from the very beginning. I have both physical and mental problems and for example when we did La Qi I could feel how it worked well with me. I was a bit afraid that I should not be able to learn the exercises but the course was so well planned and step by step we have repeated and built up the exercise. And with help from the CD I think it will work out well. I am very interested to have a group to practise with afterwards."

"Now I have done qigong for 5 years and I am sure that I would not have been sitting here in such a good shape physically and mentally as if I had not found qigong. The weekend has been very relaxing for me. Thank you!"

I have thought about learning qigong for a long time

"I have since a long time thought about going to a qigong course and when I got an invitation in my letterbox about this course I thought now is the right time to take this opportunity to learn qigong. I am so grateful for this possibility. To do an intensive course during a weekend did it easier to learn the movements."

I managed the course

"I was tired after the course yesterday so I had to go to bed early and slept through the whole night. I have had a tuff year and also problems with my leg. It has been a nice change to be here. I was not certain that I could manage to do the course, but I could do it all and I also remember some of the movements. I will try to practise on my own. Maybe we could arrange a course in Frankfurt where I live. It was a very good and nice course."

It was like a short holiday to be here

"I am a person who prefers to do three things at once rather than doing them in turn. So in the beginning it was very hard to focus and do one thing in a time like in La Qi. But I have enjoyed our oasis of qi , it was like a short holiday and life around us just continued as usual. I want to give qigong a chance as I have noticed that there is more than just going to the gym."

More aware of my posture

"Now I am waiting for incoming effects of the weekend. I am more aware of my posture. Especially I noticed that I have problems with my neck and shoulders. The body regulation showed me where I got problems. This weekend has felt like a short holiday for me, away from everyday life."

Pleasantly surprised

"When my mother came home from the summer course I first thought that this is nothing for me. But now I am pleasantly surprised. I usually don't believe in this kind of things but some of this seems reasonable."

Qigong stabilize me

"My mother has tried to inspire me to do qigong for 5 years. After a while my father attended a basic course and I noticed how good it was for him. Also for my mother I saw that it did well. When she came home from the summer course she was relaxed and had a good mood all the time. That did that qigong got a chance with me so I came to this course. I never thought that I could focus and concentrate as well as I did this weekend. I am impressed that qigong could have that important effect. Yesterday I felt good and happy. Qigong stabilize me."


Fatima Ringvall