Hold Qi up Bodø [2012-11-17]

This was the second weekend course Hold Qi Up ("HQU") in Bodø this Autumn. After the lecture Friday evening, we were met by the beautiful Northern light on the clear sky.

One of the course participants told us that she right after her 1st weekend course HQU a year ago could measure normal pressure in her eyes. Similarly for the blood pressure.

Bodø has now got a very stable training group. More participants will attend the group training after this weekend course. Some travel far to practise and to attend the weekend courses in Zhineng Qigong.

Course participants' comments

Fine Qifield

"Zhineng Qigong is quite exciting every time".

Painful body points better

"Those painful body points that I had, are now better. I will follow the weekly group training. My body needs this."

Travel far to practise

"I have allways wanted to practise Zhineng Qigong. I am a stressed person and I need to calm down my head and body. Here I learn this. I have 1,5 hours' drive each way to come here to practise."

Shoulder more open

"Yesterday my shoulder was opening more".

Hips better

"For a long time I have wanted to practise Zhineng Qigong, especially when I met a friend, who had become so much better. I was looking forward to this course. I needed a better health. Now I feel that my hips have recovered since the lecture on Friday."

Got my voice back

"This is my second course in HQU. I am very glad to repeat the course. This time I could close my eyes and have focus on the movements. I have participated the group training regularly. It has been useful. The reason that I started with Zhineng Qigong was that my ear-nose-throat doctor recommended me this. I was losing my voice because of tight vocal cords. My voice has now been good this autumn."

Measurable health improvements

"When I practise Zhineng Qigong I need less sleep. Before I attended my first course HQU a year ago, my doctor measured very high pressure in my eyes. I was waiting for an operation to save my eyesight. After the 1st HQU course my doctor measured the pressure on my eyes again. Then the pressure was normal. My blood pressure had also decreased. I was astonished, and I could not believe that this was true. The doctor was surprised."

2012-11-18 HQU Bodø


Ingrid Tidemann