HQU 2 Copenhagen [2012-11-17]

This was our second installment of hold qi up 2 in Copenhagen after a short break for us in Denmark. After our restart a training group have practiced together and helped each other correct postures. To socialize and talk to one another are also important activities in the training group.

During this course roughly half of the participants joined hold qi up 2 for the first time. They appreciated the contents of the course and also felt good about practicing hold qi up quite a few times during the course. Below we are presenting some of the participant's comments.

Improved back and fewer jerks in the legs

I have learned a lot of new things that I hope I can put to good use. After the course I noticed that my back had become much better, less pains compared to before the course. Also, for several days my restless legs have been completely still and that meant a lot to me since this usually disturbs my sleep. During the latest months I've had a hightened resting pulse, between 100-110 beats per minute. After the course I'm down to around 90 beats per minute.

A few days after the course I fell and hurt my leg. That is when I noticed that my back was completely ok. It must have been qigong that fixed my back and I'm grateful for that. A while back I hurt my back (also when I fell) and doctors diagnosed me with compression of the discs as well as a muscle inflammation.

Easier to practice

I think that the course has been comfortable. I have noticed during this course and probably during the last half year or so that hold qi up is much easier to do. I'm also a bit surprised by how fast time flies during the course.

A lot of qi and improved movements

I also think that time went by very quickly. And I have gotten a lot more energy and qi during the weekend. I used to have some problems with my one arm, the movements were somewhat uneven, but now they are smooth.

A lot of energy

The course has been very comfortable. I haven't slept at all during the night, but I'm still very alert and energetic. This really works for me. The training has been comfortable and time went by quickly for me too.

A lot of good results over time

I have to admit that I have a tendency to forget about all the good results that I get from qigong. The big thing is that I'm still alive, and I'm convinced that qigong has helped me with that. Also I notice a lot of smaller things now and then. I really feel much better. Qigong is a friend for life.

Stronger, more supple and less pain

This was my first hold qi up 2 course. As I have joined several summer courses before I recognized most of the things but repeating and getting corrections was nice. My general condition improves bit by bit. I had pains in my groin before the course and by the end of the course I felt no pain at all. After the course I remember that something creaked in my neck during the course. I do not know if that is the reason but now both armtraining and dunqiang feels much easier! Something fell into place anyhow. A couple of weeks ago I overstretched my back while carrying a door. In the beginning the pain was so intense that I could barely bend my body at all. But I kept on practicing and after a couple of days I could bend all the way down to the feet even though the pain was serious. I kept improving every day but the pain didn't go away until during the course. I just practiced xing shen zhuang and that reminded me of my progress, a little stiffness is all that remain. I also noticed that the feeling of qi in my legs is much stronger and that the whole exercise was easier to perform.

During the time after the course I have noticed that my cat allergies are much milder.

Body loosens up

Last time I joined a hold qi up 2 course in Copenhagen was a turning point for me. I see progress. MY body is loosening up and during this course I taken some more steps forward.


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen