Autumncourse HQU (4d) Pargas [2012-10-18]

It has become something of a tradition for many of our qigong students in Finland to spend a long weekend practising qigong in Pargas, in the beautiful school there. Getting to spend time with their qigong friends, having the opportunity to practise professionally for 4 days and to be in the strong qi field is what brings our students to the course and gives them joy. This year there were about 40 people who participated in our Autumn Course, the fifth in Finland.

In terms of results the course was a success, among other things the survey responses showed that the participants had clear improvements in sleep problems, depression and stress, and the ability to concentrate.

Höstkurs Pargas 2012 graf eng

From the participants' comments

Migraine, pain, calmer

"I have practiced qigong for two years and I have been in poor shape. Suffered from chronic migraines and pain in my back, neck and shoulders. My migraines are almost gone, I still have a little pain, but I'm not handicapped by it any longer. I am no longer unable to function normally and I do not suffer from pain in my body anymore. I have also become calmer mentally in social situations."

Shoulder, back, grief

"I have practised qigong for over a year. I had problems with my shoulder. Now it is perfect. My back is also better. Have received help to get through a grieving process."


"I had back problems when I arrived at the course, I had difficulties climbing stairs and getting out of the car. Now I'm almost totally pain free and have no problems anymore, it's a wonderful feeling to get better and better all the time ... "

"Thanks to qigong I keep my back in shape. Now I practise regularly in the evenings, always HQU. I have not had sleep problems since then, either."

"I've been practicing for 2 ½ years, I have had back problems and have had problems with dust allergies. By practising, I can handle my back better. I have practised regularly."

Peace, harmony, security

"I have been practising more serious during the last three years, before that I practiced more spontaneously. Qigong gives me much although I have no concrete diseases: I get peace, harmony, security, strength, and I sleep better. This course has been nice, I'm all calm on the inside. I have noticed that age catches up with me and my body has been more stiff lately, now I feel more flexible."

I feel like new!

"Fantastic course. I have been calmer than ever. I have had heart problems, pain in my head, back and chest. Something big released and went down into my hands and fingers. The fingers swelled up. In the areas of the body affected by the disease, something has been happening. This is where the root of the problem is situated. I feel like new! After the qi regulation I could walk 12 steps without holding on to anything. My legs feel stronger. I do not have the same pain and cramps as I did before. I feel more at home in my back. My vitality is returning. I'm less hungry, do not react to cold in the same way as before. During the past month my hearing has improved. During the course, I have slept without earplugs! It feels very good, I like where I am headed."

More flexible, calmer, happier

"I joined my first beginners course in 2004 and I practised sporadically during the first years. I decided to practise more after a course in Nagu. I have become more alert in the morning and it felt pleasurable to go to work. I have built a new kind of calm for myself. I have a kind of flexibility and softness in my body that I have not had for 10 years. During this course I have been able to put my hands my the feet for the first time."

Höstkurs Pargas 2012 grupp

Lifebuoy, laughter

"I have practiced qigong periodically. When I have problems take to my lifebuoy and I do some qigong. I had back pain in my first autumn course. Now I had trouble with my hands. Here i find nice people and we have a wonderful time and laugh together."


"This is the third autumn course for me. It has increased my calm."


"It is my duty to take care of my life and myself. I've suffered from a burnout, now I notice what I am doing and I have become happier and stronger and can take responsibility for my life and my actions and start living more amongst others. It is important to work with oneself. Earlier, I have been so affected by everything happening around me that it has held me back. Now I have noticed that somewhere inside there is a strength that I have become more aware of."

Chronic bowel disease, shoulder, depression

"I started practising in 2008 and I have had a chronic bowel disease, because I had too much stress in my life. I've been practising since then. I also had an inflammation in my shoulders. I had surgery two months ago in my right arm. I have practised and invested in Qigong courses. Previously I was not a friend of La qi, but La qi has done much good for my shoulder. Every day it improves, I have gotten much physical help out of this course. I also had been a little depressed and low due to the shoulder, but this has been resolved in the course."

Mentally more stable, tinnitus, kinder

"I have been mentally unstable. Qigong has helped me, given me new life. I have tinnitus and impaired hearing. I usually do not tell people, because then they look so sad. I can "turn of" this sound when I practice qigong. I have also become a much kinder person."

Chronic headaches

"I have practised Qigong since 2006 and I have gotten rid of my chronic headache. It has disappeared successively. I feel stronger and happier."

Newly operated

"Thank you for a beautiful course, I had surgery two weeks ago and in spite of that everything has been great here."

Arrhythmia, La qi

"I've suffered from 20 years of arrhythmia, they continue to occur but it has gotten a little better. The other night when I practiced La qi I thought that something had fallen into the space between my hands when I practised. Earlier I have felt heat and such. Now I can also reach my toes with my fingertips, with my legs straight. This means that I have become more flexible. This is a good improvement for me!"

Tough everyday life

"May day-to-day life is tough and qigong and this course is my refuge from everyday life."

Course and the qi field

"I want to thank you for a great course. It was fun and interesting."

"It has been great to be here. I see small improvements all the time. To me the qi field has felt very strong."

"Thanks for a great course!"

"Deeper relaxation, a bit better La qi quality. Good course, thank you."

"Thanks, nice to feel progress, and the difference in how I feel mentally."

"A nice course with a very strong qi field (in my opinion, it feels real). Thanks!"

"Been an intensive course. Strong feeling of qi. Very good practise sessions. The personal stories of the participants made a strong impression. Strengthens my faith in qigong, both mentally and physically."

"Thanks to the teachers and to the kitchen for the good food."

"The strongest qi field I've ever experienced. THANK YOU!"


Lars Hagner