TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Stockholm [2012-08-23]

It's been several years since we arranged courses in tuina and wei tuo jin in Stockholm so this course was anticipated. Participants from far away came to join the course.

Tuina is a method of treatment that can be applied to different problems, which many people use to help their friends and relatives. During the course we learned how to treat colds and shoulder problems as well as other complaints. We also learned more about qigong, meridians and qi. The participants looked forward to try their new knowledge back home.

To get better effects from tuina, the therapist must be powerful. Therefore the course in wei tuo jin is compulsory for those that learn tuina. Wei tuo jin is a method which gives us more qi and also more physical power. It is used by shaolin munks in China for instance. Usually we should be careful mixing different methods but wei tuo jin can be combined with Zhineng Qigong. For several of the participants wei tuo jin is a favourite. There were also some kids among the participants and they also liked the method. The young qigong-lovers were highly appreciated by the rest of the group.

Here follows some of the students' comments:

Wei Tuo Jin Stockholm 2012-08

Strong feeling of qi

Both tuina and wei tuo jin has been exciting and interesting. I got a very strong feeling of qi when we practiced wei tuo jin. I still feel how qi is working everywhere in my body even in my feet. I won't have any cold feet anymore.

Better circulation

Wei tuo jin was very cool but I'm happy that I've practiced several years before this course. The fifteen minutes the exercise takes feels like a lot of training and is great for the circulation.

Interesting and strong qi

Both of the courses were new to me and they were very interesting. I noticed that the qi-field was very strong yesterday. I could feel a lot of things in my body and stomach during the day but in the evening all those feelings disappeared. Wei tuo jin was very powerful and influenced me a lot.

Favourite exercise and like to help others

It's more than five years since I attended the courses and it's good to repeat them. I had forgotten a lot both about tuina and wei tuo jin, but I also had forgotten how much I like wei tuo jin. It's a favourite exercise. I know a lot of people who needs qigong but who won't attend courses. You can always make those persons interested by using tuina to cure their headaches and colds.

Inner strenght to handle difficulties

I attended wei tuo jin five years ago. Practicing both in the morning and in the evening for a while I didn't only discovered an increasing physical strength but also a kind of inner strength that made it possible for me to handle a huge challenge that I had in my life at that time. It was fun to attend the course again. Now I have a challenge at work and I hope I'll be able to deal with that in the same good way.

Interesting and fun

What I appreciate the most with tuina was to learn about how the meridians are connected and to physically feel the acupoints. It was fun to learn wei tuo jin. I recognise a lot from Zhineng Qigong. Wei tuo jin will give me great effects.

Stronger and less pain

I only attended wei tuo jin. When I woke up this morning it felt as if I had lifted a lot of weights at the gym, especially in my back and arms. A period of time I've also had pain in my hips. My husband attended the tuina course and he pressed a point called zusanli. It worked very well. Toady I've been able to walk up the stairs without any pain! I've felt many positive changes my the body during the course.

Tuina feels very good

I've never tried this before so it was very interesting to attend the courses. The tuina course was very good and interesting. When I give a treatment I can feel something happening and the people I treat get a result. I want to help other so that feels important. During these last days with wei tuo jin has been very powerful. I've felt something happening in my inner organs.

Exciting and nice

It was the first time I attended this two courses. Tuina was very interesting. I understand that there's much to learn. Wei tuo jin; it was interesting to learn a complete new method. It was training that I liked a lot and that I will practice daily from now on. Now I'll go home and practice tuina on my friends.

Light pressures had great effect

I think both courses have been good. I had a little lower expectations on tuina so it was easy to think that the course was both fun and interesting. It was fun to learn the history behind what we are doing and that pressing those points can have such a good effect. It's nice to help others, much more fun than I expected. The last two days with wei tuo jin have been powerful. I've felt things happening in my whole body. The circulation has improved and it feels nice. The exercise has been powerful and fun. The stories about the positions also make it easier to remember everything. Thanks to everybody. The atmosphere has been great.

My girl-friend sleeps better after tuina

I attended wei tuo jin 3-4 years ago. It was great to get corrections but also to practice as much as we do during these courses. It was my first course in tuina and it was very interesting. I tried at home on my girlfriend. She has difficulties sleeping during daytime when our son sleeps. She can't fall asleep. I pressed some points and yesterday when I was at the course she slept during the day. It has been four great days.

Better in my back

I've attended both courses 4-5 years ago. I used it in the beginning but then I forgot it. Therefore it was good to attend the courses again. During the second day something happened in my back. Several years ago, when I worked as a postman I hurt my back. Something happened in my back and now it feels better. The first time I attended the course I got a strong feeling of qi and it was good to get that feeling again.


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