Hold Qi up Gislaved [2012-10-20]

Last weekend it was premiere for Zhineng Qigong in Hamra, a small village between Värnamo and Gislaved, in Småland. A person in the village was curios about qigong and asked us to come there for a course. The interest and the curiosity for the lecture as well as the course were huge and several persons decided to attend the course after the lecture.

Most of the participants were beginners but they learned very fast. The course contained a lot of training and a warm atmosphere. The group decided to meet and practice together every week to support each other to make this new activity a daily routine in their life.

Some comments from the participants

"I'm quite new. When I went to the summer course this summer I knew nothing about qigong. It was very different. I've had pain in my back and the training is good for that. I can feel that the movements are good. Small things happen all the time."

Arm and shoulders

"I went to a summer course eight years ago. I haven't attended any course since that but I have practiced at home almost every day. When I started to practice I had problems with my shoulders and arms but it's much better now compared to at that time."

Stand up

"I decided Friday evening to attend the course. It has been easier to stand up than I expected. Usually I can't stand up this long time."

Hamra, Oktober 2012


"I was curious about qigong. I was actually only going to attend the lecture as I didn't had time too attend the course. But the lecture was so interesting. Qigong turned out to be much more than I thought."

"I came here as I was curious and I think the training will help me as I have some problems. It would be good to improve the circulation."

Good course

"I've searched for qigong for a long time but I haven't known anything about different methods. The course has been good. I think this will be very good!"


"It's been an interesting course, very good. I've problems with my neck but it feels softer after the course and my shoulders feel better. The movements are fun and it has been a good course."

Warmer hands

"My body feels softer. Hopefully tensions will release. My hands are warmer. They are usually quite cold."

"I decided on Saturday morning, when the lecture had melted in, to attend the course. It's been difficult to regulate the body but it has been fun. My hands are warmer."


Kate Ohlsson