Hold Qi up Kalmar [2012-09-22]

The participants were eager to learn the exercises. Many of the beginners have family or relatives who practise with us and whose good results inspired them to attend the course. The experience from those who repeated the course was very helpful for the beginners.

Comments from the participants:

Too Much To Mention

"I have practised for many years and I have repeated many courses. I started because of my mental health, I was burned out. I had a lot of problems when I started to practise, I don't remember everything. Almost everything has disappeared."

Practise The Life

"I like qigong because we practise all parts of life."

Migraine, Sleeping, Relaxation

"I have practised for one and a half year. I tend to forget the results I got. I haven't had migraine during this whole period, I sleep much better and I use the mental training and thinking way in my daily work. During this course I have managed to relax thoroughly."

Clearer Colours

"My aunt brought me here to the course. My waist is straighter now and my neck doesn't hurt any more. I can see colours much clearer after the course."

Calmer Daughter

"I noticed a change on my daughter who practises Zhineng Qigong. She is much calmer now. We will give this method a chance. There were nice people on this course."


"I have practised for eight years. I got a lot of improvements. When I started my energy level was very low. After only one basic course I became full of energy, it lasted for half a year. It feels safe to have this tool to use at home."

Finding A New Life

"I have been practicing for two years. My husband died just before my first course. Qigong has helped me find my new life. I went to my first summer course this summer and it was an amazing experience. Qigong is good for me. A lot of mental problems have disappeared. For example talking in front of people is no longer a problem. Qigong is the best thing that has happened to me."


"I had migraine and problems with my neck when I started practice Qigong. The doctors could not help me. But Qigong does! I have hardly ever migraine any more. I feel I have learned to know my body and now I can feel what´s wrong."


Johannes Nordgaard