Autumncourse HQU (4d) Bergen [2012-09-27]

Autumn coated mountains. Silent waters. Freshly baked rolls. Happy laughter at excellent meals framed the the autumn course at Dyrkolbotn Fjellstove at Vikanes. 4 days' common training in the Qifield became a good energizer, happily anticipated.

Course participants' comments

Qi improves my health

"I am here to build up Qi and I realize clearly that I have to pracise more. My daily work gives me stress. This makes my health state worse. I want to get rid of my disease and I will get help from Qi to manange that."

Body more supple

"There has been much good training on this course. My body has become softer and my arms are now more flexible."

Changed attitude to food

"Much has been happening in my body and mind this time. It has been hard for me to speak openly in the circles. Now I manage that. As a child I was bullied a lot. This has influenced me more than I thought. I have been eating to hide. With the ZQ practice I have now got a different relationship to food. I now eat when I am hungry. I also manage to stop eating, even if it tastes good. I feel cleaner both inside and outside. My arms have become more flexible for La Qi. I have got rid of some protective layers on this course."

2012 Automncourse HQU Bergen

Self Consciousness

"I have not been practising ZQ since the Summer course 2012. I have struggled to find myself. I found The Summer Course a bit frightening as I was afraid to be "revealed". Now I realize that this was my own resistance. I must dare to show myself the way I am, and be accepted like this. Some problems have now become clearer, and I am now more able to face them."

Repeating the "thinking way"

"Lots of things have happened. My internal organs have been "working". One period, during practice, it was hard for me to breathe. No matter how much I practise, there is allways something to work out. Day by day during the course my body has felt taller, more outstretched. It is very good to practise together. It is also important to repeat the way of thinking."

Softer shoulders

"On arriving here I was very tired. My shoulders were very stiff. I was actually in doubt whether I should join his course. Yesterday something was released. I do not know what happened, however, now my shoulders are much softer. "

Like a "Duracell rabbit" finding the off button

"I was like a Duracell rabbit" without an "off" button on arriving here. Someone has now taken out these batteries, and I feel calm and relaxed. It is a gift being here. I feel that everyone wishes well for each other."

2012 Automncourse Bergen Sept


Patrik Rastija