Hold Qi up Bodø [2012-09-15]

Beautiful autumn air and a magnificent rainbow started the course weekend in Bodø. Of 20 course participants 14 were beginners. The weekend was filled with positive mood, concentration and good practising spirit. Bodø has got a stable training group practising ZQ every week. There will be more participants after the weekend course.

Course participants' comments

Recovered during the lecture

"I just happened to join this course. Recently I have been tired. I am on sick leave, suffering from a virus infection. During the lecture on Friday I recovered. On Saturday I was not so tired as I expected. I did not need to sleep so long."

Ready for more training

"For several years I have heard praise about ZQ. I was curious to join this course. I have had a very good time this weekend. I am now open to proceed. I will join the group training "

Feeling the Qifield

"It is good that this weekend course was arranged. Yesterday it was hard, however, this day became joyful – as I noticed that my back straightened out and recovered. I feel the Qifield and realize that the Qifield is greater than myself. I feel humble faced with this experience and want to learn more."

2012-09-16 Bodø HQU

New energy

"I have been considering ZQ for some years. Yesterday I expected to be tired. Instead of resting after dinner, which I use to, I baked a cake. Today my body was much more supple. My back did not hurt any more. I want to continue practising."

Feel calm here

"It is good to be corrected by a partner. I had a cold, however, here I am more well than at home. Being a "restless soul" I want to calm down. It is good practising ZQ. Standing here I feel calm and relaxed. I want to continue practising."

A good massage

"I happened to join this course, being in a process of life style change. I am concerned about physical training to be energized an relaxed. I did not know what this course was about, however, I get everything here. Time has passed quickly. I have had a positive experience. My stomach felt like it was having a rough massage during the practice. I feel good about this and I want to go on practising."

Continue practising

"This course has been different from other courses I have attended. Time has passed fast. The ZQ practice is challenging and requires concentration. I want to continue practising."

Shoulders and arms lighter

"I was tired and in a rather bad shape before the course. I have been suffering from infection and headaches. Now my shoulders and arms feel lighter. I hope for further progress by continuing the practice."

Soft and calm movements make me strong

"This weekend has been full of energy. I did not feel tired – as I used to be. Instead of resting after dinner, I made waffles and picked berries in my garden. I want to find physical balance. The corrections have been very useful. The soft and calm movements give me strength – both physically and mentally. I look forward to continue practising ZQ together with my husband".

Believe in this

"I used to look forward to my retirement. Having been retired for a while, however, I felt anxiety. After I started to practise ZQ I felt much better. I believe in this practice. It is great being corrected by an experienced partner at the course. The last, long sequence today was nice."

Like resting in a "bubble"

"This course was very relaxing. On arriving here I found myself in a "bubble", being able to rest there througout this weekend. I have had a good time. I might as well have fallen asleep just standing there."

Good correction

"It is good to practise corrections with a partner repeating the course. This course has been mentally challenging. There is much to learn".

Remembering better

"I have enjoyed this course. Today my memory has improved. I will join the group training."

Has not been ill

"I am happy for this repetition. Last year I have been a good student, practising every day. Instead of having a nap after dinner I practise ZQ. Walks in the woods are now being replaced by ZQ training. Once, when I did not practise, I got a serious cold. ZQ gives me much energy. I will go on practising."

"Frozen" shoulder recovered

"I am repeating the course. On my first HQU course I felt I was "coming home". ZQ does me good, both mentally and physically. Joining the course for the first time last year I had a frozen shoulder. Now my shoulder is healed 97 %. I have been practising ZQ daily. This is an exciting journey. I measure monthly improvements. I am pleased with this course. Is has been vey useful. The participants are nice and the corrections have been fine."

Mental strength

"I am repeating this course. I wanted to get back to good practice. I have a serious illness, and I need mental strength to cope with my present condition".

Measure health improvements

"I am repeating the course. I have a rare rheumatic diagnosis. The ZQ practice makes me softer and in a better shape. When I did not practise this spring my blood sample values deteriorated again. ZQ gives great health benefit. I endure my day at work thanks to my ZQ practice. When I practise ZQ I do not get ill."

Nice to have Qi

"You allways need to be corrected. It is good to have Qi. Positive things happen."

New learning every time

"It is nice to be in this good and strong Qifield."


Ingrid Tidemann