Hold Qi up Copenhagen [2012-09-22]

The basic course in hold qi up this autumn took place in cultural rooms close to Copenhagen Hovedbanegård. Some persons who hadn't planned to attend the course this time thought different after the lecture and attended the course. Several others decided to attend the course next time it takes place in Copenhagen. At the course both beginners and more advanced students participated. Several came from the south part of Sweden.

Below follows some comment from the students

Better feeling of qi and better balance

The lecture on Friday was wonderful. The qi-field was very good. My plan was to attend the lecture, not the course, as I didn't have time. But the qi-field felt so good and I felt a huge change in myself so I decided to attend the course. At the course I felt a strong effect. I had some problems with the balance but I was surprised that just after a couple of hours I could practice qigong with my eyes closed. I'm looking forward to see what happens after training for a while.

No pain, calmer legs and better kidneys

I had a lot of pain when I came here and I didn't even know if I would be able to stand on my legs. My son brought me here as I need to improve my health. I had a very serious peritonitis a month ago and I was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. After that I got a lot of pain in the lower part of my back. I also suffer from restless legs which bothers me a lot, even during the nights. In addition I suffer from renal failure and every night I connect to a dialysis machine, which I have at home. I could clearly feel that things happened in my body during the Saturday but still I was surprised that my legs didn't bother me during the night. The legs were calm. I feel asleep and I slept well. In the morning I could pee properly. That might not sound so special but being at dialysis you usually pee just a little as the kidneys don't do their job. I could feel that something happened in my inner organs during the Saturday so I was very happy when I realised that my kidneys had worked a bit during the night. During the Sunday I could feel that several things happened in my legs and inner organs. I still had a lot of pain in my back and that bothered me but now, after the course, my back feels good and I have almost no pain at all! It's fantastic! I get teary-eyed.

Calm movements had effect

I didn't expect something to happen in the body as the movements were so soft but I feel that something has happened. My muscles have really stretched out.

More energy

I've attended courses 4-5 times before and I'm delighted by the energy I get at courses. During and after this summer I've been in need of more energy. This weekend has been very good and I feel very energetic. Of course I'll continue to practice.

Good corrections

I've practiced qigong quite many years now and it has really changed my life. Anyway, at this course I've got some bewildering but very good corrections. I'm grateful that there is still so much more to learn about hold qi up.

Better at work

I've practiced qigong some years and I notice that I function better at work if I've practiced qigong in the morning. It's enough for me to continue.


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen