Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2012-09-29]

Åland gave us beautiful weather and the autumn colours had started to spread all over the islands when we held the autumns beginners course in lift up qi there, the last weekend in September. The atmosphere was good and the qi-field was strong.

Migrain gone

"I love qigong! I always start the day with qigong. It helps me to handle my job better. I work as a teacher and i promise that qigong is needed in my line of work. Even my migraine has been blown away with qigong. These things, and many others, are the things that make me love qigong."

Feel good

"I practice to be able to handle stress and because i feel very good when i practice."


"I have Arthritis; qigong has helped me a lot. It has given me a lot of well being. There are always a lot of things happening during these courses."

Qigong in everyday life

"This is a fantastic method and I evolve in so many dimensions at the same time. it feels great. I use qigong in my everyday life and it is a great tool to clean up in my life and I get to choose for myself what kind of quality I want for my life."

"I also use qigong to clean in my life. There are infinite possibilities to improve once life with qigong."


"I found my way here to get some order to chaos in my head. I feel calmer and I sleep very good after the first day of this weekend course."

Inflammation in respiratory tract

"I have ha problems with inflammation and infections in my respiratory tract for about five years. And yesterday, after the fist day of the course I was easier for me to breath. I will join the group training."


Lars Hagner